Last update 08/14/2016

Intel Retiree skills and energy bring great value to our communities. For retirees that retired under one of Intel’s formal retirement programs, Intel increases the value of your volunteering by donating $10 for each hour you volunteer to most non-profit 501(c)3 under the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program.   This is the same program provided to Intel employees.  Retiree hours are added to employee hours to determine matching grant amounts.  Hours can be reported at anytime using this web based form but all must be reported by January 15th of the following year.   For complete details on the program see, Intel Involved Matching Grant Program.  For more information on reporting hours, see Tips for Reporting Volunteer Hours.

For specific questions, go to the FAQs.

If you are an official retiree of Intel US (retired under US rules of retirement) and volunteer outside the United States, your volunteer hours may still qualify for a matching grant from the Intel Foundation.  International hours are matched at different rates depending on the country.  View the 2012 rate chart. You will need to help the organization complete the necessary paperwork to show they are the equivalent of a US 501(c)3 (tax-exempt) public benefit organization, which most international non-profits are NOT.  Paperwork is found here.

If you have a question about reported hours or a specific non-profit’s grant status, contact retiree.volunteers@intel.com.  The IRO Volunteer committee is in contact with the Intel folks that manage the local and general  volunteer programs.  If you have general questions or recommendations about the Intel Involved Retiree benefit, please send them to our mailbox.

In 2014, the volunteer hours were up 15% and the number of retirees participating were up 18% over 2013.  A total of 167 Intel retirees reported 50,780 Intel Involved volunteer hours for 260 unique 501(c)3 organizations.  In 2013, 141 retirees reported 44,000 hours for 194 organizations.   Intel Involved matching grant checks will be mailed out this spring. 

Here is a copy of the final  2015 Payout ReportPlease note this report includes employees and retirees.    Here are some of the retiree volunteer stories.

The Internet is a good source for finding specific volunteer opportunities that match interests and skills with non-profits.  See the Intel All Sites tab for a list of some of these resources plus national opportunities and organizations.   Checkout the local site tabs for volunteer opportunities and events with local Intel retirees or Intel contacts.

Please see these guidelines if you are interested in posting additional opportunities or this template  if you have a volunteer story to share.   Volunteering is an excellent way to make a positive impact to your community while enriching your retirement experience.

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