Welcome New Retirees

Welcome to the Intel Retiree Organization!
To help you understand more about what the Intel Retiree Organization provides, where you can find information on your Intel Benefits and how they work, links and phone numbers that you may need, and interesting content about what other retirees are up to, we’ve created the following introduction. Please take a few minutes to look around our website.

Please note: Within 2 weeks of registering as a member of the Intel Retiree Organization, you will be assigned an @intelretiree.com email address which you will need to access certain discounts available to official Intel retirees.  You can get details about using your @intelretiree.com email address by accessing the frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Please note that this is a forwarding email that redirects incoming mail to the personal email address you used when joining the IRO.  Feel free to give out your @intelretiree.com address and put it on your IRO business card and other networking collateral.  Also, be sure to bookmark our website at intelretiree.com to stay up-to-date on retiree discounts, benefits, volunteer opportunities and announcements.

To help you get started, go to our website home page. There you will find the following:
1.  Archived issues of the monthly News Flash email that is sent to retirees who have joined the organization.
2.  Announcements that are usually Intel specific.
3.  A  blue bar with labels including the headings: Home, Announcements, Benefits, Healthcare, Volunteer, Life After Intel,etc. where specific content resides.
4.  A search function to assist you in finding specific information.  Please use this before emailing a question to our mailbox.
5.  There is a FaceBook icon that links to the Intel Retiree Organization FaceBook group. This group is open to all Intel Retiree Organization members, this is the place to ask other retirees for advice, contact other members of this FaceBook group, and pass along news and tips to other Intel retirees.

Some Specific Sections of Interest:
1.  About Us contains information for:
– How to contact us through our mailbox (to get questions answered quickly).
– How to get more involved with the Intel Retiree Organization.
2.  Benefits section which includes the Retirement Timeline.
– Note the organization of the Retirement Timeline.
– Early stage retirement content (Pre-Retirement, Early Retirement decisions);
– Retirement content (Core Benefits for retirees and Additional Benefits);
– Medicare Eligible content (Core Benefits for retirees and Additional Benefits).

Determine which of the 3 columns applies to you and read about the Core Benefits and Additional Benefits that you have as a retiree by clicking on the different topics under each heading. Note that we have up-to-date FAQs, links to Intel processes (like the My Health Benefits Website), phone numbers to call for Intel and benefits service providers here.

For Useful Contacts, we have organized them into two webpages linked from the Retirement Timeline:
Pre-Retirement/Key Contacts  (Intel call center, Fidelity, Intel Health Benefits Center, and a few more)
Retirement/Intel Benefits Directory  (comprehensive list of phone and website contact information)
Under the Additional Benefits heading, find information about discounts available to retirees. Click on Discounts to learn more about how to access the Advantage discount website and the Retiree Circuit Portal / Employee Purchase Program as a retiree.

We provide links to the Intel Corporate retiree website from the Intel Retiree Organization website. Our intent is to provide supplemental information on the Intel Retiree Organization website.
Recently the Intel website for retirees was refreshed. We are working with Intel to ensure that between the two websites we do not have discrepancies.
The FAQs (supplemental information on the Intel Retiree Organization website) about Intel benefits are written by Intel and updated by Intel.
If you find discrepancies with the information on the two websites or inaccurate information on our website, please help us improve the accuracy by sending us an email.

To protect your privacy, the Intel Retiree Organization email list is not available to the retiree members. Use the mailbox process if you’d like to connect with another Intel Retiree that you don’t find on FaceBook. We will pass along your contact information to the other retiree if they are a member of Intel Retiree Organization mentioning you would like to correspond.

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