Tips for Reporting Volunteer Hours

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.
Use Web based form

Volunteer hours are reported to Intel using this Web form maintained by Intel. Clicking the SUBMIT 
button at the bottom of the form generates an email to an Intel administrator, who uploads the data 
into the same system that Intel Employees are able to access directly behind the Intel Firewall. 
Clicking the SUBMIT button will send along a properly filled out form and navigate to a Thank You 
acknowledgement page.

A 2013 modification to the form added pull down menus to select the Focus area of the volunteer 
activity as well as the type of volunteer activity. This makes it simpler for Intel to review the 
forms and tabulate the “skills based” volunteering activities as they count towards a commitment 
Intel made to the A Billion + Change program. It is not critical that your specific focus area or 
activity be listed.  Select something close.

Report hours quarterly

Volunteer hours can be submitted at any time up until January 15th of the year following the year 
they were worked. This is a hard dead line and Retirees are advised to report hours quarterly. 
This helps to even out the work load for processing the hours and insures hours actually get 
logged before the hard deadline.

Only submit hours to 501(c)3 Public Charities or their equivalent
The Intel Foundation can only make grants to 501(c)3 public charities or their equivalent.  Public
organizations like fire departments, libraries, schools or parks often form a “Friends of . . . “ 
type organization to support and raise funds for a public organization that would not be able to 
raise charitable donations otherwise.  Setting up an “Friends of . . . “ organization  ensures that 
any money donated can be used to support the purpose of the government/public organization.  Without 
a Friends organization, any donations are likely subject to appropriation by the town or city and 
there is no guarantee those funds can be used for which they were intended.  For example, in towns 
in Massachusetts all donations to a library or volunteer fire department must be deposited in the 
Town’s general fund and must be appropriated by the Board of Selectmen as part of the annual 
budgeting process.
A recent Intel Involved Payout Report listed 30 unique “Friends of….” Organizations.  When you are 
doing volunteer work for a government/public organization, be sure to check with the organizer 
of the work to determine the equivalent organization to submit Intel Involved volunteer hours.  
If this is a one-time project, such as reviewing state education grants, it is best to submit the 
hours immediately after the activity has been completed or else have a disciplined tracking system 
in place that captures the qualified Intel Involved Organization.

Be specific when reporting who you volunteered for

This form does NOT have a way of knowing what organizations and groups are already in the system.
For example, the Hillsboro High Soccer team is called out separately, but there is not a listing 
for the Hillsboro Robotics programs. It is important for Retirees to use the comment field to be 
as specific as possible on the organization that the Retiree volunteered for and in some cases 
the activity. For example, scouting troops are often sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization. It is 
important to mention that organization and the number of scout troop where the Retiree volunteered. 
If a Retiree volunteered to help in a soup kitchen that was part of a church, the church is listed 
as the organization and the activity, soup kitchen needs to be listed as singing in the choir would 
not qualify. A description of what organizations and volunteer work qualifies for a matching grant 
is found here on the Intel website. It is OK to report all hours you think qualify. The organizations 
and activities are verified before checks are issued by a company that administers this program for 

Print and save a copy of the form BEFORE clicking the SUBMIT button

Having a printout of the completed form is useful in resolving issues with logging hours and 
submitting additional hours for the same organization. The web form is already formatted to print
properly using your browser’s print function.

Watch for confirmation

AFTER uploading the information generated by the Web form, the administrator emails a confirmation
message to the Retiree. This can take up to a week. If confirmation has not been received, please 
send email to IRO mailbox and we will investigate the status.

Confirm Organization received a matching grant

Checks are usually mailed in June to the Organization for hours worked and reported the previous 
year.  Due to privacy and security concerns, Intel does not include the names of the volunteers 
reporting the hours matched by the grant. Intel also does not explain why the organization is 
receiving the check. Be sure the non-profits you volunteer for know why they received an Intel 
Involved Matching Grant Program check. While the non-profit may use the check for any purpose, 
the goal of the Matching Grant is to help the programs and groups where the volunteer work is 

Reporting Issues

IRO is actively working with Intel to improve the process of reporting volunteer hours. Our long
term objective is to implement the same procedure used by Intel Employees to report hours. Some
suggestions that are being considered in the short term are providing an immediate confirmation 
that hours have been submitted and adding a print button at the bottom of the form. The form 
instructions also need the year updated for the deadline information. If you are having questions 
or issues with reporting hours, please pass them along to the IRO mailbox. If you are interested 
in working with the IRO Volunteer Committee, please pass along that interest as well.

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