Encore Job Opportunities

Updated: 7/10/17
Encore Career Fellowship Program
Intel has worked to improve the experience of Intel employees as they prepare for retirement by sponsoring retirees interested in the Encore Fellowship program. Current U.S. employees who are eligible to retire have the option of applying to the Encore Fellows Program and receiving sponsorship from Intel as they transition into retirement. Making 1000-hour commitments, Fellows provide experienced talent to nonprofit organizations; they receive modest stipends; and they join a group of peers making this transition to learn about social purpose organizations. Similar to the Tuition for Teaching program, this is an alternative for employees to consider as they prepare for the transition into retirement.

Employees who have already retired from Intel or didn’t go through the application process prior to retiring aren’t eligible for the Encore Career program, but they can apply directly for an Encore Fellowship through Encore.org. This program is not funded by Intel but may be of interest to Intel Retirees. For more information, please go to http://www.encore.org/fellowships. Click on the link that says “Become a Fellow.”

Work host PAID Encore Fellowships
These are Encore Fellowships that are paid by the organization that is hosting the Encore Fellow instead of being paid by Intel. You’ll complete a high impact, capacity-building project, while learning about social purpose work and developing new contacts and resources. Fellows earn a stipend of $20,000 for a 1000-hour commitment, typically six to twelve months, half to full-time. ALL Intel retirees are eligible to apply.
To apply for one of these Fellowship, please go to:
http://www.socialventurepartners.org/portland/encore-fellows/become-an-encore-fellow/ or contact Steven Maser, Manager of the Encore Fellows Program at Social Venture Partners Portland: steve@svpportland.org, identifying the position of interest

  • Medical Teams International position: IT Fellowship (posted 12/2016)
    The Fellow will be an active participant in building a functional and sustainable service desk, creating ongoing value to the MTI global end user community. A focus on process and customer service is important to success in this role, along with flexibility and creativity. The objective is to improve service desk processes, procedures and support with improved global service delivery and availability. Medical Teams International has 95 employees in the US and 900 worldwide. Local offices are in Tigard, OR and Redmond, WA. The Fellow will have access to office space in Tigard.
  • Communications and Marketing Encore FellowPortland Metro Area (posted 7/2017)
    The Fellow will design an organizational communications plan taking into consideration the organization’s mission, goals, priorities and accomplishments; provide strategic communications counsel to the Executive Director and other staff; and review, assess and prepare recommendations for the organization’s current communications plan, including social media.
  • Visioning Encore FellowCentral Oregon Coast (posted 7/2017)
    The Fellow will help develop a plan that will guide a solid waste program for the upcoming two decades, including increasing the diversion of waste from landfill into recycling and other recovery options. The plan will include steps that will be ranked and prioritized, dividing the larger task into smaller sections that can be handled as individual projects within the larger scheme. The plan will be a reference document for the department, reviewed annually and updated every 5-7 years.
  • Launch CEOPortland (posted 7/2017)
    The Fellow will create a strategic plan; establish stable alternative sources of funding for up to $200k; create systems for programming and for sales and marketing; hire a CEO/Executive Director; find physical location for permanent office/classroom space; and make the Portland Underground Graduate School an institution of civic engagement and lifelong learning that serves everyone.
  • Inaugural HR ManagerPortland (posted 7/2017)
    The Fellow will review and assess the HR policies and procedures of a successful and growing social services agency; prepare recommendations for improving and upgrading HR systems in consultation with the senior management team; initiate implementation; and design a position description for a new HR Manager position at the nonprofit office.

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