These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Intel Retiree Contingent Workforce Program
For an update on this pilot program of January 22, 2016 click here.

Interested in short-term assignments with Intel, employed by Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group, a division of Kelly Services?  This program offers experienced Intel retirees with relevant knowledge and skills the chance to remain involved, earn extra cash, and socialize with other Intel employees.  Examples of potential Contingent Workforce assignments include: Assisting with New Hire Orientation, or working on a special project.

For more information on the Intel Retiree Contingent Workforce Program

Or email questions to the IRO mailbox,

Encore Opportunities
We have some exciting job opportunities with Intel & Encore to announce and also some Intel volunteer mentoring & training positions.  With this new demand for retirees’ time, some paid, some volunteer, we are adding this Jobs Opportunity section to our website.

For more information on the Encore opportunities.

Lyle Hurst
Network Developer
The Encore Fellowships Network
Skype: lylehurst

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