Verification of Employment

As an Intel Retiree you may be asked to provide Verification of Employment data to potential employers or banks/mortgage companies. Intel uses The Work Number (Equifax) to respond to requests for information.

Once a year you can request a free written VOE report from The Work Number. This Employment Data Report can be requested online using the Employment Data Report Request Form or by calling The Work Number at (800) 367-2884. An Employment Data Report (EDR) gives you the ability to see the information potentially being given out on you when a verification is requested. This report is intended to present transparency regarding your information on The Work Number and can be provided upon request.

  • To provide a written Verification Of Employment (VOE) that does not include income information:
  1. Contact the verifier (your mortgage company or bank or potential employer, for example) by phone and provide:
  • Your Social Security number (SSN)
  • Intel’s name
  1. Ask the verifier to visit and register inside the verifier area. Once registered, they can securely verify your employment (without income)

Once registered, they will be able to verify your Employment (no income) in a matter of minutes through a secure web connection.

Cost: There is a small fee to obtain a written verification of employment or income through The verifier is responsible for this charge.

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