Verification of Employment

Updated: 3/2/2017

Employment Verification : 
As an Intel Retiree, you may be asked to provide Verification of Employment data to potential employers, banks/mortgage companies or social service agencies. Intel uses The Work Number (Equifax) to respond to requests for information.

  1. Contact the verifier (e.g. your mortgage company, bank, or potential employer) by phone and provide:
  • Your Social Security number (SSN)
  • Intel’s name
  1. Ask the verifier to visit and register inside the verifier area. Once registered, they can securely verify your employment and obtain the information they need via a secure web connection.

Historical employee data is in the Work Number database back to 2007.  Anyone who left Intel prior to this will not be in their system and cannot be verified.  A manual verification can be requested from Intel for these cases. Please contact GetHR help 800 238 0486 for a manual verification.

If you need a simple employment verification: (name, SSN, start date, termination date) 

  1. Ask the verifier to call the main Intel number (408) 765-8080.
  2. The verifier should select #1 (Intel’s Employment Verification line)
  3. The verifier should input the retiree’s SSN
  4. The system responds by confirming the SSN entered and the associated name.
  5. The verifier selects #1 to hear the retiree’s start date and termination date.
  6. If the verifier needs more information, there is an option provided to contact The Work Number (see above).

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