Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona – Something for Everyone
by Elyce Wair

As the sun rises we begin to see the formidable red rocks of Sedona. The size of the rocks and the breadth of the landscape reaffirm the force of nature and I am humbled. The beauty is breathtaking and the January air is cold but refreshing. Start your journey with a stop at the visitor center. The attendees are very knowledgeable and can provide maps and insights that will make your stay pleasurable. For those who hike or want to find a place for introspection, you can find it here. Many areas provide access to trails and solitary places to meditate.

On this visit, we chose to see Sedona from a different view – from a Tom Cat. This off road vehicle takes you to the places unreachable on foot. We went over rocks, through streams and mud, through the brush, and found a fabulous area where serene water pools sparkled in the sunshine. It was a great place to lie in the sun watching the trees above sway in the breeze while picnicking on wine, fruit, and chicken salad sandwiches.

If hiking is a favorite pastime you will find amazing beauty along the trails that wind along streams up to the mountains. Thoughtful hikers have left their mark as a remembrance of their trip and as a guide for

For who prefer a different kind of adventure, the shopping is to die for. There is a local trolley that will carry you to several shopping areas. The ride is free and the driver has lots of funny stories to share. Whether you want healing gem stones, tee shirts, or fabulous works of art, it is all there. The parking is limited so take advantage of the trolley if you can. One of my favorite shopping spots is the Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tlakeh-pah-keh) Arts and Crafts Village located on highway 179. With over 40 stores filled with unique art and jewelry, you are sure to find a treasure to take home as a reminder of a
great trip.

Food – can I say awesome? While there are ice cream and deli shops, Sedona has some great grown up food restaurants. Lunch is always great at the Oak Creek Brewery and grill. Great food with a Southwestern flare!

While not considered “fine dining”, there is another fun spot to try – the Airport restaurant. Located at the top of the mesa, the view is outstanding and you are a stone’s throw from the runway. As we were having lunch one day a small private plane landed but obviously missed the turn for the hanger. The pilot’s wife had to get out of the plane and move the orange cones so they would not hit the wing. She then got back in the airplane and they taxied on. The initial response to Sedona and the red rocks is overwhelming but as you spend time there you become comfortable and see them for their individual uniqueness. It is fun to sit back and examine the rocks and create your own name for each.

It is also fun to visit some of the ancient ruins in the area.

Petroglyphs tell their story and what remains of their homes is a testament to man’s ability to survive in spite of the elements and harsh desert conditions.

I visit Arizona every year and each time I am drawn to Sedona to uncover wonders that I have missed.

Elyce Wair

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