Transitioning to a New Career

For many, retiring from Intel is just the end of one career and the beginning of another. In our esteemed ranks, we have authors, fire fighters and CEOs, to name just a few. Read about how others have made the transition, or share your own story by filling out the Life After Intel template and sending it to our Communications Committee. Articles:

  • Meet  Lonnie Hurst who retired from Intel after a fascinating career filled with managing crises, as well as fighting fraud and counterfeiting.  Oh, and developing leadership too! Lonnie has 2 companies. The first is Wood Synthesis where he uses woodturning to create “functional art for the discerning buyer.” Lonnie’s other company is Coaching Synthesis, which allows him to continue coaching individuals and teams, primarily on leadership.
  • Read about Fred Neal, a 2002 Intel retiree, who partnered with his wife to create Knitted Knockers Charities, an incredible 501(c)3 that creates and distributes a knitted prosthetic are have been named as “the best breast cancer hero you have never heard of.”
  • After retiring from Intel Oregon in 2012, Steve Blair now has a photography business that includes photo restoration, fine art photography, weddings and portraits. Read his Life After Intel story and view some of his creative work.
  • Meet Rick Sandbo, a 2005 Intel Folsom Retiree whose career in facilities planning led him to a challenging and successful new career as the owner and operator of Camino Heights Golf Course.
  • Lorraine Matthews retired from Intel Folsom after 37 years of service, but had always been fond of all types of sewing.  While looking at fabrics fifteen years ago, she decided to enroll in a quilting class and was hooked.  Eventually Lorraine’s Quilting Corner was born.  Here’s her story.
  • Meet EJ Peiker, a talented landscape photographer who has traveled the world – from Antarctica to the Dolomites of Italy and from Iceland to South Africa.
  • Jon Olson retired as Director of Finance in 2005 and talks about what he learned at Intel to help with his “second act” as Chief Finance Officer at Xilinx. Read about his life after Intel.
  • Although Tom Franz retired from Intel in 2007 as Vice President and General Manager of Fab/Sort Manufacturing, he is not even close to retiring from the workforce! Catch up with Tom and read about his second career.
  • Patricia Little, after 24 years with Intel, Patricia continues on with her next career as an author, but not before facing a huge obstacle that life threw into her path.
  • John Johnson retired in 2010 after 29 years with Intel and now spends his time traveling, staying fit and being a board member of a start-up called Glue Networks.
  • Peggy Bishop, an Arizona retiree for over a decade, has transitioned from Intel to a successful career as a published author. Read how those AR lists we were all familiar with still help her prioritize, and check out her latest book, Secrets of Organization.
  • Gell Gellman, after 30 years at Intel, took the leap and started her own personal assistant business designed to give people and their animals some free time. Read her Life After Intel story here.
  • Mike Richmond tells about his decision to retire and his subsequent decision to return to Intel. Read his interesting Life After Intel story here.
  • Rich Dunning, after 22 years with Intel, Rich became a regional developer for Massage Envy, the premier brand in the massage industry.
  • Bob Tierno, a former 18-year Intel employee, found a second career as a business coach.
  • Marie Vallejo explored family history and ended up writing a book.    Read about how Marie went from Intel to Author.
  • Retirement means changing focus for Sudhir Bhagwan.
  • Bob Wasserman has reinvigorated his life and is a published author. Yes, Virginia, There is life after Intel! Send an email to Bob.
  • Grace Moore-Linker changed vocations when she left Intel. She and her husband work full time working with fire fightersSend email to Grace.

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