The Advantage Discount Program

updated 5/30/17

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

No matter where you call home, you have access to discounts on goods and services you use on a regular basis.  Enjoy access to 30,000+ merchants  in 26+ categories!

The Passport Discount program that was in use in the United States for many years was eliminated in December of 2014. The Advantage program is now the place to go for employee/retiree discounts.

Some Advantage Program discounts, such as Microsoft and most wireless/cell phone providers are currently NOT available to official Intel Retirees, with the exception of AT&T, which does have a wireless discount available to official retirees.  If you are having trouble getting a discount, click here for the list of discounts not available BEFORE emailing this trouble to the IRO mailbox.  IRO keeps this list updated and announces when new discounts become available.

To begin using the Advantage program todaysimply register for the Advantage portal with your Intel employee WWID.  
Register for the 1st time with:
• Intel Worldwide ID
• Default password: savings
Once you hit “Sign In”, you’ll be prompted to enter a personal email address and change your password. From there, you can log in and begin using your expanded portfolio of discounts immediately either at your desktop or on your mobile device.  Note:  the Advantage registration site checks to see that you are an official retiree of Intel prior to allowing registration. You will not be allowed to register if you are not an official retiree of Intel.

If You’ve Forgotten your WWID
Call 1-800-238-0486,  press 1 and then press ‘0’ to reach an agent.  Once connected with an agent you will be asked for information to verify your retiree status and then will be given your WWID. If the hold time is more than 5 minutes, you can follow the process to leave a voicemail and you will be contacted within 1 business day. The voicemail option is only available during the service hours (9 am to 4 pm PST).

If you encounter issues initially registering for the Advantage site, send an email to: they will respond and assist.

Bookmark to join the rest of your coworkers in gaining a competitive Advantage for discount shopping and services.

You can read FAQs about the Advantage Program.

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