Retiree Contingent Workforce Program

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Turn your Free Time and Special Skills into an Exciting Opportunity!

Updated 10/10/2017

As a retired Intel employee, your knowledge, experience and skills have put you in a special position — one in which you may be eligible for short-term assignments with Intel, employed by Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting (KellyOCG) a division of Kelly Services.

We are excited to announce the launch of this new Intel Retiree CW program — which offers experienced Intel retirees with relevant knowledge, skills and a proven track record, the chance to remain involved, earn extra cash, and socialize with other Intel employees, by taking on short-term assignments for challenging, meaningful work at Intel. Examples of potential Contingent Workforce assignments include: Assisting with New Hire Orientation, or working on a special project.

This program allows qualified Intel retirees to register with KellyOCG and join a dedicated Intel talent community. KellyOCG will meet with you to learn about the skills and talents you attained during your career, match those against opportunities for contingent work assignments, and notify you when those contingent assignments become available.

How does it Work??
To get started you will need to submit your name to the Intel Retirement talent community. You will create a profile in the KellyOCG platform by clicking here.

You will be prompted to complete the pre-registration process online as well as attach your resume and create your profile.

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Services via the information below.

Key Questions regarding initial eligibility
1. Am I eligible?
If you retired from Intel at least six months ago, you are eligible to submit your name and create a profile in the Intel Retiree Program.
2. Will participation impact my existing Intel benefits?
Accepting employment with KellyOCG to work on a contingent basis for Intel will not impact the retirement benefits you receive from Intel.
3. Will participation impact my Social Security benefits?
Additional income may impact whatever Social Security benefits you are eligible to receive. Consult with Social Security to get specifics on your situation.

For additional FAQ’s regarding the program click here.

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