Retiree Contingent Workforce (CW) Pilot Program Update

Updated January 22, 2016

In the December News Flash we asked for feedback on the new pilot Contingent Workforce Program. Retirees shared their experiences and identified issues.

Retiree Issues:

  • Retirees not being initially contacted by Kelly OCG or not receiving follow-up calls from Kelly OCG after an initial call
  • Intel managers do not know about the program
  • Skepticism on retirees’ part that many CW jobs exist
  • Skepticism that jobs will be for anything other than “low level work”
  • Not many retirees are in CW positions as a result of this program

Intel Response:

As a reminder, this is a pilot program, and a full six-month review of the program results will occur in February. IRO will follow up with Intel at our monthly meetings and attend the program review. However, in the meantime, Intel is doing the following:

  • Intel Managers will now be informed of the Retiree Contingent Workforce pilot via a manager update. Managers being told about the program was a miss, despite the initial input of the Intel Retiree Organization that this was an essential element.
  • A new project manager has been assigned and is investigating the retiree feedback regarding no response from Kelly OCG to resumes submitted, especially since the process detailed on Kelly’s website states a Kelly OCG rep will contact the retiree within 48 hours of submittal.
  • Kelly OCG has received over 100 resumes from retirees since the pilot began.
  • There were 24 rejections, 50% of which occurred because they were retired less than six months.
    • One retiree was placed in a CW position.
    • Intel reminded us that Kelly sources CW jobs from a number of pools besides retirees. For example: former employees who did not meet retiree eligibility, as well as anyone who has submitted a resume to their system.
    • We asked Intel to provide us those numbers so we could have a perspective on how many positions they are sourcing and how many resumes they have in their system.

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