Retiree Circuit Portal

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Updated 5/30/17

You will access the Retiree Auxiliary Portal at the following link:

1.  You must register the first time on the site before logging in.
     Note:  If you are taken directly to a ‘Log-in’ page instead of the Registration page, click on the ‘Registration button and it will redirect you.
2.   You will be validated as an Intel Retiree when you initially register through 2 key pieces of information: Your First and Last name (in Intel’s System of Record) and your former WWID. You also will register your personal email address and create your own password at this time.
     Note: You need to use your full legal name as it was at Intel, i.e. Jonathan Doe Jr. vs. Jon Doe. The fields are case sensitive.  (First letter of your first name and last name should be capitalized).
     Note: We have found that the most common problem with failure to register is the validation doesn’t occur due to the retiree entering a name different than the one in Intel’s System of Record. It must be an exact match!  Please call 1-800-238-0486, press 1 and then press ‘0’ to reach an agent.  Once connected with an agent you will be asked information to verify your retiree status and then you can ask for your exact First and Last name in Intel’s System of Record and your WWID.

If the hold time is more than 5 minutes, you can follow the prompts to leave a voicemail and you will be contacted within 1 business day. The voicemail option is only available during the service hours (9 am to 4 pm PST).  The Intel Call Center can only assist you in verifying your WWID and full name as it is in the system.  They cannot assist with registration/login issues with the Portal. If you still experience issues registering on the site, after using the WWID/Legal name that you verified with the Intel Call Center, you can get help through Intel at or by phone at 877-649-5817.
Please consider this information confidential and should only be known by you.
3.  You will receive an email at the email address you provide to authenticate your registration.
4.  Click on the link in your email.

When you click on the link in your email it will take you to the Intel Retiree Circuit Portal.  You may then access several different items including:  Intel News, the Intel Store (where you can get the employee discount), Suddath Intel’s relocation provider (where you can get the corporate discount for moving), the Fed-Ex Office DiscountMoney Matters blogs, and the EPP program.

Below are notes to assist you with entering the EPP store:

Once you log into the Intel retiree circuit portal, click on the link “Employee Purchase Program Store”.
You may only see one page for the Terms and Conditions. If so, check the ‘I agree to the terms of service’ box and then click ‘Enter Site’ at the bottom of the page.

Two page instructions: This will take you to page one of the Terms and Conditions.  Click on the Next button to proceed. This will take you to page two of the Terms and Conditions.  Check the ‘I agree to the terms of service’ box and then click ‘Enter Site’ at the bottom of the page.
Product Offerings
Once you have entered the site you will be able to order products.  The products offered include Desktop Processors, Solid State Drives, Software and a small number of Tablets and 2-in-1 devices.  This is the same site that Intel employees are offered.
Changing your Password
Click on your user name in the upper right corner of the webpage to go to the Change Password Screen.
Navigating to main page for Log Off
There is no ‘log out’ button on the Employee Purchase Program webpage.  You can either log out by closing your browser or going back to the Retiree Portal main page.  After 30 minutes of inactivity the system will automatically log you off.

Additional Tips :
Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers have been successfully used

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