Sometimes its good to reflect back on one’s career, the company where we all spent so much time, or just life in general.

Check out the stories in this section, and feel free to share your own fun pastimes with other retirees by filling out the Life After Intel template and sending it to our Communications Committee.


  • Andy Grove, the legendary President and CEO of Intel passed away on March 21, 2016 at the age of 79. A memorial service took place in late May and Howard High, a member of IRO, attended and has given us a look into the celebration.
  • What started as a brief dinner encounter with Gordon Moore and others from Intel, a fateful evening has grown into a 20 year relationship between Intel and Steven Hawking that has battled to keep Hawking’s technology ahead of his declining physical capabilities.  Read this fascinating story here.
  • When Youssef El-Mansy retired from Intel in 2004, leaving work that he loved, he had a plan for his retirement that ended up working out to be even better than he thought. Read about his life after Intel here.
  • Catching up with Will Swope, who retired as Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Corporate Sustainability Group
  • Peter MacNamararead about the history of the Intel operation in Shannon, Ireland
  • So, you think you knew Tom Dunlap as Intel’s General Counsel?  As our Life After Intel executive interviews continue, read about Tom’s surprising career path.
  • Ned Thanhouser, a 2011 retiree, always had a fascination exploring his family’s history in the silent movie industry. Read about his interesting life.
  • Clem Russo gives sage advice on how to shift gears from work to retirement.
  • Keith Thomson, retired Intel VP – “Performance + Perception = Reputation”. Read about Keith’s fascinating career and his post retirement life.
  • Ted Jenkins, Employee #22, shares his Intel history and retirement philosophy.
  • Tom Innes has some thoughts on Intel and retirement. He was one of the first Intel employees starting in 1968!

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