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Updated: 10/18/15 Oregon Retirees Investeers disbanded Oct. 1, 2015

Making Money and Celebrating What They Have Learned

Intel Retirees in Oregon have had an Investeers Stock Study Group for several years. In the “good old days” they focused on tracking growth stocks and used (and still use) the ICLUB Stock Study Guide (SSG) as their main tool plus input from the Better Investing  magazine. The SSG tool has access to current stock prices and other company data and the capability to compare multiple stocks. Investeers members belong to the Better Investing organization and pay annual membership dues.

Over the years Investeers has evolved and due to economic challenges they have expanded their information sources to include Morning Star, Standard and Poor’s, Value Line and other journals and reports for additional information concerning various stocks. Members also study asset allocation and stock sectors using the definitions from the SSG Members are looking for solid growth stocks with a good dividend return. The group has a mock portfolio with such stalwarts as Intel, GE, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, United Technologies, Exxon Mobile, Abbott, and Johnson and Johnson. Each member is assigned to track one or two of the stocks doing monthly analysis of how the stock is doing. They then make a Buy, Sell (this is the challenging one) or Hold recommendation. They recently “sold” Apache and Precision Castparts after achieving a solid gain on their pretend investment.

The research process includes an evaluation of company management, debt ratio, place in the market, future expectations, and past performance. Individual members may have preferences for certain sectors, and things like “environmentally” or “politically” correct stocks. In the group portfolio, however, they are making primarily financial decisions and lately ensuring a more diverse portfolio sector-wise. Initially they were looking for stocks that had some chance of doubling their value in 5 years – they now look at strong dividends as well (being of a certain age!) and are less stringent on the growth if dividends exceed the current miserable interest rates on Bonds and Money Market Funds.

While the portfolio is not backed with real dollars, members are free to purchase any stocks they choose and many have had some good returns on their investments (at least for now).

Six permanent members meet at the Hillsboro Aquatic Center from 1:00 to 3:00pm the first Thursday of the month. Dan Shehan is currently leading the group and they have openings for an additional 2-4 members. If you would like to know more about the group or would like to join, please contact Dan directly at dshehan@yahoo.com.

Written by Laura Good and Elyce Wair – 4/29/11

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