Matching Donation Programs

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Updated: 12/6/2016

Matching Donation Programs
Intel has several matching donation programs for Intel blue badge employees.  As an Intel benefit to retirees, official Intel retirees continue to be able to take advantage of these programs. While these matching programs have the same requirements and provide the same benefits for retirees, some programs differ in the process retirees use to submit a matching donation request.  A 3rd party vendor administers most of these programs, but they are owned, reviewed and updated by Intel.

Below is a top-level summary of the each program with links providing a more complete description and any associated forms, as well as a chart that contains the key provisions and limits of each program.  For a table that compares the main provisions of each program click here.

Intel’s Annual Community Giving/United Way Campaign  – REPLACED
As announced in the IRO October 2015 News Flash, this program has been REPLACED beginning in 2016 by the Intel Matching Gifts Program (see below)

Intel Matching Gifts Program
Intel launched the new Matching Gifts program at the end of July 2016. Donations to educational organizations and non-profits will be matched retroactive to January 1, 2016.  Donation receipts are required for gifts made directly to eligible organizations.

Matching Gifts to Education
Currently Intel matches 100% of employee and retiree donations to accredited educational organizations. The maximum annual match is currently $5000.  For complete details click here

Matching Gifts to Non-Profits 
Currently Intel matches 100% of employee and retiree donations to eligible non-profits.  The maximum annual match is currently $5000.00.  This is in addition to the $5,000 that is matched for educational organizations.  For complete details click here.

Intel Involved Matching Grant Program
This program matches the time that Intel employees and U.S. retirees spend volunteering in schools and non-profits with a cash donation. Donations amounts are based on the total hours submitted for an organization.  A single matching grant “payout” check is mailed to qualifying organizations the following year.  Click here for program details.  Hours can be submitted at any point (but must occur before an announced January deadline) using this form.

Disaster Relief Matching Grant Program
Matching funds for selected major disasters are temporary matching funds.  Typically Intel will match donations up to $500 per retiree for around six weeks after a major disaster.  These are announced on the IRO home page, News Flash, or email with links that explain the terms, conditions and donation submission forms for the matching grant.

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