Lori Davidson on Volunteering

Lori Davidson retired from Intel in 2013 after serving as Marketing Director in SSG and upon her retirement she found herself looking for ways to give back. Her first big volunteer role was a half-time role as Marketing Director for Northwest Earth Institute and while she loved what she did, she also wanted more free time to explore what retirement really meant to her.  It was then she found SAGE.  SAGE was founded with the idea that we should all be thinking about our legacy gifts to younger and future generations and SAGE provides a interesting ways for retirees to explore what those gifts could be.  Lori has joined the SAGE Board and has been busy introducing other retirees to the benefits SAGE offers.  “Most people who prepare for their retirement spend a great deal of effort thinking about their financial plan and their insurance and so on,” Lori comments. “Far less energy is spent on thinking through how they will build their social lives or balance their free time or find ways to contribute.”  This is where SAGE comes in.  It offers a wide variety of programs and workshops in various areas of social need, plus it offers community through socials, events and ambassadors.   Lori is a probono advisor to SAGE’s Legacy Fellowship as well as a SAGE Ambassador.  In addition to her work with SAGE, Lori volunteers with the local garden club, travels internationally, is an avid cyclist and dancer.

SAGE currently has programs in Oregon.

If you want to know more about SAGE, check their websitefacebook page or email Lori at lori.joan.davidson@gmail.com.

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