IRO Roles & Responsibilities

To join the board or a committee, you must be an US official Intel retiree.

Updated 8/26/2016

Welcome to the Intel Retiree Organization’s Roles page!  IRO provides an essential benefit to Intel’s retirees by offering pertinent information, updates, products, and services to help you, the retiree, navigate through life after Intel.

The Intel retiree volunteers who run this organization enjoy camaraderie while maintaining a connection with Intel.  Aside from our volunteer work, we travel, we spend time with family and friends, we explore new opportunities, and some of us have welcomed grandchildren. In short, we enjoy life!

What follows are descriptions of the various roles within IRO and we always welcome new volunteers.  Many of these positions require only a few hours per month and whatever your area of expertise, IRO has a role to suit your style and schedule.  If you would like to join us, send an email to and let us know your interests.

IRO Officers serve terms of two years with no limit of terms served

 President, Elected by majority vote of IRO’s Board members

  • Is the primary interface with Intel and manages IRO’s Officer Election process.
  • Oversees the Board and leads all IRO Board, Strategic Planning, and Intel meetings, ensuring the publication of minutes with assigned ARs.
  • Ensures an open flow of communication between Board members, and adherence to IRO’s strategic plans and objectives.
  • Sees that all IRO meetings are held regularly with agendas and materials distributed in advance.
  • Attends Communication meetings as a participant.
  • As needed, holds ad hoc meetings with Site Coordinators.
  • Participates in the development of IRO committees, their composition, duties, and their roles.
  • Required attendance at: two hour quarterly Board meetings, 1.5 hour bi-monthly Strategic Planning meetings, one hour monthly Communication meetings, one hour monthly Intel meetings; and two meetings annually with IRO’s Intel Executive Sponsor.

Vice President, Elected by majority vote of IRO’s Board members

  • Is 2-in-a-box with the President, acts for the President when he/she is not available, and carries the same responsibility and authority.
  • Required attendance at same meetings as President.

Secretary, Elected by majority vote of IRO’s Board members

  • Attends and participates in quarterly Board meetings and records minutes, in permanent form, with ARs assigned and tracked.
  • Attends and participates in bi-monthly Strategic Planning meetings.
  • Administers email voting of motions for the Board or the Membership.
  • Maintains and updates IRO’s Charter and By-laws.
  • Maintains and updates the “Board Members” page, including all links from it, under “About Us” on IRO’s website.
  • Acts for the President and Vice President when they are unavailable, and carries the same responsibility and authority.
  • Required attendance at: two hour quarterly Board meetings, and 1.5 hour, bi-monthly Strategic Planning meetings.


The role of each Committee is set by the Chair of said Committee and approved by IRO’s Board.  Committee members may serve on multiple committees, but may only chair one Committee. IRO’s Board appoints Chairpersons with no term limits for them or their committee members.  Committee Chairs are required to attend quarterly, two hour Board meetings, and 1.5 hour, bi-monthly Strategic Planning meetings.


  • Responsible for creating and implementing communication strategies for IRO and providing input to, and review of, IRO’s Website, News Flash and other IRO publications.
  • Responsible for ensuring the IRO mailbox is monitored daily and that mailbox monitors are equipped with the skills they need to handle issues appropriately.
  • Oversees the creation, editing and publishing of stories submitted by retirees.
  • The Communication Chairperson oversees committee members, holds monthly one hour meetings and publishes minutes with assigned ARs.


  • Maintains a list of discounts and employee programs working with Intel to implement new programs when requested by retirees.
  • Creates News Flash announcements on new or modified discounts or employee programs.
  • Preserves the accuracy of discounts and employee programs on IRO’s website including Intel’s response to new discount requests, special access instructions, and FAQs.
  • Answers escalated retiree questions from IRO’s mailbox on Discounts and Employee Programs.

Health & Benefits

  • Serves as liaison between retirees and Intel’s Health and Benefits team ensuring that IRO has a forum to communicate and consult with Intel on issues regarding retiree benefits.
  • Ensures that health and benefits information on IRO’s website is up to date and accurate.
  • Answers escalated retiree questions from IRO’s mailbox on health and benefits programs.

(The development and establishment of company policies regarding retirement benefits remain solely within Intel’s control.)

News Flash

  • Responsible for publishing IRO’s News Flash and official announcements to IRO members including design and layout of said publications.
  • Works closely with website team to ensure consistency between webpages and publications.
  • Produces indicators showing response rates to various published articles to help determine strategic direction of IRO.

Strategic Planning

  • Is comprised of IRO’s Officers and Committee Chairs who discuss and determine the strategic direction, planning, and objectives of IRO.
  • The Strategic Planning Chair oversees committee members and holds bi-monthly 1.5 hour meetings with published minutes and assigned ARs.


  • Encourages and motivates retirees to volunteer and submit Intel Involved hours.
  • Establishes volunteer guidelines and connects the owners of IRO’s volunteer webpages to Intel’s volunteer opportunities leaders.
  • Works with the Intel Foundation to include retirees in all matching programs.
  • Ensures that IRO’s website volunteer opportunities are accurate and up-to-date.


  • Responsible for IRO’s website design, development, content and administration.
  • Develops user documents following website requirements and guidelines.
  • Works closely with Communication and News Flash teams to ensure accurate website content.
  • Maintains database of IRO member emails.
  • Initiates invitations to various site activities.

 Facebook Administration

  • Monitors IRO’s public Facebook page and administers IRO’s closed, members-only site.
  • Manages Facebook membership and ensures page content is appropriate. Refers participants’ questions to IRO’s mailbox when appropriate.

Site Coordinators, Appointed by Board Officers

  • Site coordinators represent Arizona, Bay Area, Folsom, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Oregon.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of retiree social activities for their respective sites which reflect IRO’s purpose and mission statement. Minimally, this includes an annual dinner with Intel guest speaker who presents current news of Intel’s strategic direction.
  • Sit on IRO’s Board as their respective site’s representative and act as liaison between their Intel campus and IRO.
  • There can be two Site Coordinators per site for work sharing and back-up.
  • Are required to attend two hour quarterly Board meetings in addition to ad hoc Site Coordinator meetings.

 International Site Coordinator, Appointed by Board Officers

  • Serves as an IRO hub for international Intel retirees. Mentors country volunteers in organizing social events for their countries.

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