IRO Promotion Guidelines

IRO will not directly promote organizations or programs that are not sponsored and/or endorsed by Intel, including requests from retirees for IRO to directly promote non-profits that meet the Intel Involved and Matching Gifts criteria.  Directly promote is defined as pushing out information from IRO and encouraging our members to take advantage of the information/opportunity.  In order to add value to retirees, IRO may reference and/or link to information or organizations that are not associated with Intel or with our organization.  IRO will ensure that the references/links we include are the most widely accepted and unbiased available, and are not targeted against our Intel sponsors.  These references/links do not constitute direct promotion by IRO.

Note:  The closed IRO Facebook Group is a social media site for IRO members to post/reference items they believe will be of interest to other Intel retirees or will help organizations and causes that they support.  IRO Facebook Group operates under Facebook guidelines and may not represent IRO views or knowledge about a specific topic.

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