IRO Priorities for 2017 and 2018

Updated 6/7/2017

New focus areas in response to our survey

  • Make our website easier to use (retirees are asking for info we have or have had on our website). Improve search capability, ability to utilize on any device, consistency of content display topic to topic
  • Matrix of Intel Retiree Benefits showing decisions that retirees need to make in the first 18 months – with links to content that support the decisions (update all associated material FAQS, stories, etc.)
  • Matrix of Intel Retiree Benefits that shows decisions retirees need to make from age 55, though 70.5, to EOL – with links to content that supports the decisions

Revitalize the Volunteer / Matching topic – to increase retirees’ value to the communities in which they reside

  • More site level coordination
  • Work with Encore fellows, leverage as ambassadors for sharing their passion for the community

Change the registration process for IRO

  • Membership for official Intel retirees only, validate on intake
  • Invite employees using the Retiree Checklist to join IRO as employees, to make the transition easier.


  • Improved New Member welcome (what do we provide, where and how do you find it/use it?)
  • Pilot a Forum format for topic-specific discussions
  • Pilot a Telephone conference format where topics pertinent to retirees could be covered (reference retiree groups at other companies having teleconferences with Medicare expert)
  • Create & execute more robust plan to keep retirees aware of Intel business direction
  • Redesign our News Flash to be more exciting with appealing graphics

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