IRO 2015 Progress & 2016 Plans

Making it easier to be an Intel retiree

  • Continue providing retirees with a single venue for fast, efficient and accurate answers from Intel via the Intel Retiree Organization mailbox,
  • Continue to maintain relevant, timely and up-to-date communications via our website, News Flash, email, postcards and by leveraging Intel communications and the IRO mailbox where appropriate. (ex: Add information for spouses of deceased retirees.)
  • Continue to monitor Intel’s new retiree website to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is maintained.
  • Continue the retiree business directory and solicit articles about those businesses.
  • Survey our News Flash readership on article interest, frequency of News Flash, format of News Flash, and social media opportunities. Reevaluate our communication strategies based on that feedback.  Not Done
  • For 2016: Reevaluate our communication strategies based on Intel’s feedback and data, especially in the area of social media.

Building an Intel retiree community that is an asset to Intel and the communities in which we reside

  • Continue to work with Intel on using retirees as assets
  • Increase the number of retirees participating in the Intel Foundation matching programs.
  • Publish process for retirees applying for Intel retiree SA CW positions with Kelly OCG. Done as a pilot, issues being worked: Communication to Intel managers & Kelly OCG response SLA.
  • Explore retiree patent submission and inclusion in Think Tanks. Doing as part of the CW program.
  • For 2016: Review program in April to see if there is enough progress to go from pilot to program.
  • Use the IRO story to educate others about the work of the organization and how Intel Values are at work in our communities through our retirees.  Not Done.
  • For 2016: Come up with a plan, with Intel’s inputs.
  • Work with site committees to define site level activities that will involve retirees and facilitate necessary processes. Done as a pilot, concluded retirees are not interested in helping or attending local events.  They do want to come to big events, like the 30th Folsom Anniversary & the Gordon Moore event.
  • For 2016:  Explore what is possible for retiree participation in Intel’s 50th Anniversary, if Intel begins planning it.
  • For 2016:  Add plan for mentoring employees, with Intel’s inputs.

 Retiree’s feel part of the Intel family

  • Continue to work with Intel on expanding discounts and Great Place to Work benefits for retirees.
  • Work with our new Auxiliary circuit capability to improve the access that retirees have to Intel non-confidential content, and make it our portal of choice (Intel Involved, Intel Store, McAfee, etc.)
  • Continue to offer our IRO business cards. (Launched in April 2015).
  • Continue to have retirees participate in Intel events and network with senior Intel Managers on increasing opportunities for retirees (ex: the Gordon Moore Event & Folsom 30th)
  • Increase percentage of Intel retirees who become members of IRO.
  • Continue to increase annual dinner attendance.

Improving IRO’s capability, recognizing our success

  • Recruit more retirees to support our committees and sites
  • Develop a strategic succession plan for IRO officers and committee chairs to ensure organizational continuity.

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