Intel Retiree Organization and Intel Alumni Network

Updated November 6,2016

These are two separate organizations and while the Intel Retiree Organization partners with the Intel Alumni Network on some activities, we have very different functions and membership requirements.   The Intel Retiree Organization is the organization for Intel retirees who have retired from Intel under one of its formal retirement programs.  Our focus is on the retirement experience including benefits, retirement programs, processes, communication, volunteering and social events.  For membership in the Intel Alumni Network you must be an ex-employee of Intel but not necessarily a retiree, although retirees are welcome.  The Intel Alumni Network provides a venue to network and make connections for after-Intel careers or new ventures, and to preserve relationships from former Intel days.  For more information on the Intel Alumni Network go to their website.

For a quick summary of the differences, you can look at this table.

The Intel Retiree Organization is recognized by Intel under their employee groups program, and has as its executive sponsor, Richard Taylor, Vice President, Director of Human Resources.  His vision is that retirees are a valued part of the Intel family. We work to help him accomplish that vision. We are focused on being a one-stop-shop for Intel retiree benefits information.  To facilitate the communications for retirees, we maintain a website, an email mailbox and have several retiree volunteers who work directly as liaisons with Intel.

As official Intel retirees, one thing that sets us apart from the Intel Alumni Network, is that we qualify for the following benefits from Intel:

  • Intel Retiree Medical Plan– insurance coverage designed to provide access to comprehensive medical coverage for retirees who retired under one of Intel’s official retirement programs. There is one plan for the not yet Medicare eligible (typically under age 65) and another two plans for Medicare-eligible (typically, age 65 and over).
  • SERMA– program designed to help you purchase health insurance once you have retired from Intel and meet the eligibility requirements
  • Intel Foundation– Intel Involved Matching Grant Program, Matching Gifts to Education, Matching Gifts to Non-Profits, and Disaster Relief Matching Grants.
  • The Retiree Circuit Portal – where you can purchase products and services at a discount and see Intel news, much like Circuit, but outside the Intel firewall:
    • The Intel Store (Intel branded T shirts, pens, etc)
    • The Employee Purchase Program (Intel products – microprocessors, motherboards, software, Intel® Compute Sticks, free McAfee security software, etc)
    • Discounted services (Intel’s Relocation company offers the Corporate rate, the Fed Ex employee discount)
    • The Money Matters blogs are reposted here
    • Intel News stories are also displayed
  • Advantage Discount Program – Most of the same discounts that employees receive, including Apple Discounts. There are a few discounts for which retirees don’t have access (e.g. Microsoft Office).

Check out our Retirement Timeline for further information about these benefits

Summary Table of Differences Between the Two Groups

Benefit Intel Retiree Organization Intel Alumni Network
Formally recognized by Intel as part of the Intel Family Yes
Receive Intel benefits including IRMP, SERMA, Discounts Yes
Participates in Matching Grants, Intel Involved Yes
Separated from Intel under a formal retirement program Yes
Communicates regarding benefit changes Yes
Maintains a Website Yes Yes
Supports an Email Mailbox Yes
Provides one-stop-shop for communication Yes
Supported by Volunteer Organization Yes Yes
Enables Business Networking Yes
Enables Jobs Resource Yes
Hold Office as bylaws permit Yes
Vote on Issues Yes
Provides Monthly News Letter Yes Yes
Hosts Social Events Yes Yes
Business Card Design Yes
Email Redirect Address Yes
Former Intel Employee Yes Yes


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