Intel Retiree Contingent Worker Program FAQs

Updated 8/29/15

Eligibility for the Program

1. What is the retiree contingent workforce (CW) program?
A program that allows retired Intel employees to use their knowledge, experience and skills for short-term assignments with Intel, employed by Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting (KellyOCG) a division of Kelly Services

2. Will I be a Green Badge or a Blue Badge?
Green Badge.

3. Am I eligible?
If you retired from Intel at least six months ago, and are eligible for rehire, then you are eligible to submit your name and create a profile in the Intel Retiree CW Program.

4. I took my early retirement back on 3/31/2015, do I have to wait until end of October to submit my application…. or can I submit my application now and make the profile to be active for jobs on October?
You are eligible once you have been retired at least 6 months. There is no advantage to submitting an application prior to this period, as the system will say you are not yet eligible when it runs the eligibility check.

5. I am recently retired as part of a layoff from Intel.  I saw the 6-month “cooling off period” requirement.  However, as part of my separation Intel required that I never work for Intel again in any capacity.  Does that kill this program for me?
Yes. In some employee actions, those who left – term or retire – are not eligible for rehire. Eligibility for Contingent Workforce positions is managed by the CW Program Office.   When a candidate is submitted against a job posting, the eligibility process begins. Eligibility for rehire status is checked for all prior employees. If the candidate is not eligible, the CW program office will notify KellyOCG and they will tell the candidate.

6. Will participation impact my existing Intel benefits?
Accepting employment with KellyOCG to work on a contingent basis for Intel will not impact the retirement benefits you receive from Intel.

7. Will participation impact my Social Security benefits?
Additional income may impact whatever Social Security benefits you are eligible to receive. Consult with Social Security to get specifics on your situation.

8. Will I be eligible for healthcare benefits through KellyOCG as part of the contingent workforce program?
Yes, KellyOCG does have healthcare benefits available based on Affordable Care Act eligibility. You may discuss what is available to you when you complete your profile and intake form with KellyOCG.

9. Will I be considered for a position if I retired from Intel more than 10 years ago?

10. I travel a lot, but I am available for months at a time. Can I apply?
Yes, you can still apply to the program.  There are opportunities for short term assignments. Please make KellyOCG aware of your availability in the intake call.

11. I do not live near one of the main US Intel campuses any longer. Can I apply for the program?
Yes, you can apply.  It may, however, limit the amount of opportunities available to you.

12. I am a snowbird, so I am unavailable during certain months every year. I am available the other months and am interested in participating in this program. Should I register for the contingent work assignments or accept that my limited availability makes me a candidate that would not get a contingent workforce job? I don’t want to waste my time applying if I wouldn’t be considered.
Yes, you can still apply to the program.  There are opportunities for short term assignments, please make KellyOCG aware of your availability in the intake call.

Mechanics of the Program

1. How do I apply?
Upon completing the on-line profile and uploading your resume, you will be placed in the Retiree Talent Community until a position is posted that matches your background and experience. KellyOCG will submit your resume for the posted position and, if selected and you accept the assignment, KellyOCG will email an eRegistration link to you to complete the Hiring Process. The eRegistration link contains the required on-boarding documents, which include the U.S. Department of Justice I-9 Form (to confirm your eligibility to work in the United States), State and Federal forms, and any required Intel forms.  Once you complete the on-boarding documents, you are ready to start your new assignment at Intel.

2. I retired years ago and don’t have an updated resume. Can I get help creating a resume?
KellyOCG can provide helpful tips on creating a resume with their Career Forward program. You can find this information on the KellyOCG platform.

3. How will I be paid?
Because short term employees are hired by KellyOCG, pay is issued through KellyOCG. Participants will be able to choose their payment method: Direct Deposit or Money Network Services Card.

4. How will my salary for a contingent workforce position be determined?
This is determined between the individual contingent worker and KellyOCG.

5. What type of positions will be available through this program?
There are a wide range of opportunities from admin to engineering to software development.

6. Will the positions be available at each of the major sites?

7. How long will a contingent workforce position last?
It varies by position.  The maximum is 18 months before a six month break in service is required.  The average is nine months.

8. How are 18 months calculated if I work a number of short-term assignments?
Small, short-term assignments would be cumulative to 18 months.

9. Is there a limit to how many contingent workforce positions I can take or how long I can work in contingent positions?
There is no limit to how many CW positions you can take.  Intel does have time limits on how long an individual can work as a staff augmentation CW.  In the US, the maximum length of time is 18 months, followed by a six month break in service.

10. Will I be managed by an Intel manager or will I be managed by KellyOCG?
Your manager will be KellyOCG.  The Intel Sponsor will have oversight of your day to day responsibilities while on the Intel campus.

11. Do CW employees have access to Intel internal communications – like Circuit?
CW workers do have access to Circuit, but may be limited in accessing certain areas due to CW status. Other Intel internal communications are generally limited to blue-badge employees only. Communication distribution is dependent on job and manager/business group discretion.

12. Do CW employees have an Intel email address?
Yes, CW employees do have an Intel email address with a designation identifying them as a CW employee.

13. Will I be issued business cards?
No. Intel does not provide business cards for contingent workers.

14. Will I be eligible for additional employee discounts – such as Verizon discount?
No, contingent workers are not eligible for our discount programs.

15. Will I be issued a laptop or cell phone? 
This will be dependent upon the position offered.  An Intel issued laptop may be required for the work to be done.  A cell phone likely won’t be required but again, would be dependent on the position.

16. Will I have access to on campus services such as gyms, IT support, campus nurse, technical library? 
Contingent workers do not have access to the gyms or Health Services Clinics.  If there is an on-site medical issue that would require them to receive medical attention then they would receive care for that reason.  IT Support would be dependent on the position and what support they need from IT to perform the job.  As for the Intel Library – again dependent on the position – access to the Intel Library would be at the discretion of the manager.

17. What if I am offered a position and do not accept it, does this make me ineligible for other contingent positions?

18. I held many positions at Intel and am highly motivated to land one of these Retiree CW positions. Will I be considered for all positions I may be qualified for, or just the last position I held at Intel?
You may be considered for any positions for which you are qualified.  When you have your intake call with KellyOCG, please indicate the type of positions you are interested in.

19. If I am hired into a contingent workforce position can I still be rehired into a regular Intel position?

20. How will I know if it is likely that I will be contacted about a contingent workforce position?
In your intake call, KellyOCG will review the process and discuss the opportunities based on your skill sets and availability.

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