Encore Career Fellowship Program

Intel has worked to improve the experience of Intel employees as they prepare for retirement by sponsoring retirees interested in the Encore Fellowship program. Current U.S. employees who are eligible to retire have the option of being Encore Fellows as they transition into retirement. Making 1000-hour commitments, Fellows provide experienced talent to nonprofit organizations; they receive modest stipends; and they join a group of peers making this transition to learn about social purpose organizations. Similar to the Tuition for Teaching program, this is an alternative for employees to consider as they prepare for the transition into retirement.

Employees who have already retired from Intel or didn’t go through the application process of the pilot prior to retiring aren’t eligible for the Encore Career program, but they can apply directly for an Encore Fellowship through Civic Ventures. This program is not funded by Intel but may be of interest to Intel Retirees. For more information, please go to http://www.encore.org/fellowships. Click on the link that says “Become a Fellow.”

Click here for a recent USA Today article on this subject.

Updated 2/7/2016

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