Stock Benefit Program
Intel’s stock benefit program is an important part of our employees’ overall compensation and benefits package. Click here to learn what to keep in mind as your retire from Intel.

Stock Grants and Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) — UBS*:

  • It is your responsibility to understand the impact terminating your employment has on your stock benefits, including the expiration rules and associated dates for each of your grants. To review the details of your stock account with a UBS representative, call 1-866-785-4682.
  • If you terminate employment with Intel before the end of a subscription period, you will receive a full refund of your SPP contributions for that period within 2-4 pay periods after your termination. Stock will not be purchased for you, and you will not receive interest on the money you contributed to the Stock Purchase Plan for that period.
  • You must contact UBS Financial Services Inc. with instructions for handling any assets remaining in your employee account within 18 months of your termination date. You may want to set up a personal retail account at UBS or transfer your assets to another broker. Note that country restrictions may apply, and fees associated with a retail account will become your responsibility.

Information for tax purposes on Intel’s Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) or Stock Option Plan (SOP):
Retirees may require information on Intel stock purchased through the Stock Participation Plan or through a Stock Option Plan, for tax purposes. Information needed could include the date shares were issued, the cost basis of the shares, the number of shares issued, and what type of shares they were. Click here for more information on how to get this information.

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