Stock Benefit Program

Intel’s stock benefit program is an important part of our employees’ overall compensation and benefits package.

Some things to keep in mind when you retire from Intel:

  • Stock option vesting may accelerate upon retirement, if certain criteria are met. Restricted stock unit (RSU) vesting schedules may be impacted too. Unvested RSUs will be canceled as of your last day worked.
  • Review the terms and conditions and plan rules for each of the grants in your UBS stock account to understand how each of your stock grants are impacted.
  • Access your online UBS Stock Account and click on the Grants/Units tab to view your stock option expiration dates. Click on the Grants/Units sub-tab called Restricted to view your RSU vesting schedule.
  • Expiration and Vest dates – per your plan rules – will be updated in your stock account, typically within one week following entry of your termination date in Intel’s system of record.
  • Make sure to exercise your stock options before they expire. If your expiration dates fall on a U.S. weekend or U.S. holiday when the market is closed, you must exercise no later than 1/2 hour prior to the Stock Market closing, on the last trading day prior to your expiration date. Remember stock market hours of operation are based on the U.S. Eastern Time zone.
  • If you retire from Intel before the end of a Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) subscription period, you will receive a refund of your SPP contributions for that period in your final paycheck. You will not receive stock or interest on SPP contributions.
  • Your Intel Employee stock account with UBS will remain open for a period of 60 days after your last expiration date. At which point you may transfer your assets to a non-Intel stock account of your choice.
  • You must contact UBS Financial Services Inc. with instructions for handling any assets remaining in your employee account within 18 months of your termination date. You may want to set up a personal retail account at UBS or transfer your assets to another broker. Note that country restrictions may apply, and fees associated with a retail account will become your responsibility.
  • Ensure your mailing address is correct before your last day at Intel and keep Intel apprised of any change of address should you move within 18 months of your termination date by calling the Intel Global Contact Center at 1-800-238-0486. After that period of time, update your address directly with UBS.

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