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Retirees now have access to two discount programs with Intel in addition to the Apple employee discount.
As of April of 2014, Intel US retirees will have two ways to get discounts! You will continue to have access to the Passport program (also known as Vault) and you will also have access to the Advantage Program. Advantage, brought to you by Beneplace, will partner with the Vault/Passport program as Intel’s global discount program.

Vault/Passport program will continue to be available to U.S. retirees as a separate program
The ultimate goal is to move the Vault/Passport program into one overarching discount portal.  Until then, the programs will continue to run separately.  Your current Vault card will continue providing your favorite Vault discounts until its expiration on December 31, 2014. Passport plans to eliminate the need for cards before the end of 2014.

Intel Vault Discount Program
The Intel Vault Discount Program offers both national and local discounts on a variety of products and services, including restaurants, electronics, theme parks, movie tickets and more. The program is available to you as a retiree. However, retirees may not be eligible for some products/services. Please make sure you read the details on the discount.

You must order your Vault Card online.  These cards are authorized until 12/31/2014.  If you have not ordered a card or lost your card, you can reorder at any time. Vault cards will be shipped UPS to your home address and arrive within 3-5 business days.

Note: To use your Passport/Vault card just go to the Intel Vault Discount Program site as usual.  You do not need to register your card like employees do.  Use only as your logon email address, not your personal email address.

You can read FAQs about the Passport/Vault Program.

If you have specific questions about the Intel Vault Discount program, send an email to

The Advantage Program
No matter where you call home, you have access to discounts on goods and services you use on a regular basis.  Enjoy access to 30,000+ merchants  in 26+ categories!

The top 5 advantages of Advantage Program

  • Ease of Use: Cards are not required to receive these discounts.
  • More Options: Enjoy expanded categories for discounts including insurance, services, and an eco-friendly categories
  • Up to 5:  Share your great Intel discounts with up to five friends and/or family members
  • WOW!: The ability to earn WOW! points that can be turned into rewards or charitable donations based on your Advantage program usage
  • Stay Local: Adding local vendors to the program is easy with a simple nomination process

To begin using the Advantage program todaysimply register for the Advantage portal with your Intel employee WWID  
Register for the 1st time with:
• Intel Worldwide ID
• Default password: savings

Once you hit “Sign In”, you’ll be prompted to enter a personal email address and change your password. From there, you can log in and begin using your expanded portfolio of discounts immediately either at your desktop or on your mobile device.

If You’ve Forgotten your WWID
Call 800-238-0486,  press 1 and then press ‘0’ to reach an agent.  Once connected with an agent you will be asked for information to verify your retiree status and then will be given your WWID.

Bookmark to join the rest of your coworkers in gaining a competitive Advantage for discount shopping and services.

You can read FAQs about the Advantage Program.

Apple Employee Discount Program
An Apple Employee discount program is also available to Intel Retirees, click here to go to the website :

History and status of the project to gain access to additional employee discounts or benefits 


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