Intel Benefits

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Here you will find the links and information that you need to manage your official Intel retirement. From health benefits, and your SERMA account; to what you need to know when leaving Intel, to discount programs, to matching funds programs, to Medicare and Social Security, it’s all here.

View our Retirement Timeline to see on one page your benefits.  Our Retirement Timeline shows the four stages of pre-retirement/retirement. A list of benefits and programs for each stage is listed below the heading and each topic is linked to more information.

The Intel Retiree Organization has an on-going focus on Health and Benefits – one of the four committees of IRO is dedicated to this area. One example of what we have accomplished after working with Intel to define a retiree issue (IRMP, while a great healthcare plan, was not a good solution for healthcare insurance for many retirees AND SERMA was useable only for IRMP coverage), in January of 2011 we were pleased to be able to have SERMA portability introduced. Intel retirees can now use their SERMA accounts for healthcare insurance other than IRMP. This change allows many retirees to access their SERMA fund to pay for the health insurance that works for their lifestyle when IRMP is not the best solution.

We will continue to work with Intel on other benefits and programs that need attention to better meet retirees needs.

To contact the Health/Benefits Committee Chair, you can go to Contact Us page.

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