Intel Badges Reproduced

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Updated 7/11/2016

There are occasions when having your Intel badge might come in handy.  For instance, if you want to take advantage of a special discount offered to Intel but must have an Intel badge, or if you need proof that you worked for Intel.

You can request a reproduction of your Intel badge (if you did not take it with you when you left).  The badges are not activated and will not grant you access into any Intel facility but it may allow you to take advantage of some great offers.

If you would like to order a copy of your Intel badge, follow these simple steps:

Send an email request to:  nm.badge.&
Please copy and paste the above address into the address line of an email.

Providing this information:
Full name including middle initial (if any)
WWID number
Your preferred first name to appear on the badge (subject to review and approval by Intel at its sole discretion)
Your return mailing address.
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery by USPS.

Please note: We have photos in our system back to approx. 2004.  If we do not have a current photo we will coordinate an acquisition of a photo.

Or if you do not have email you can send your request to:

Intel Corporation
Badge & Key RR5-402
4100 Sara Rd SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

There are Advantage discounts vendors that may require that you prove your relationship with Intel, they include: Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes

Start the process of applying for the vendor’s discount on the Advantage website. Part of the process will include going to a dealer’s lot with some information which you received when applying on the Advantage site, which shows that you are eligible for the discount. You may be asked at that time to prove your Intel retiree status, dealers vary regarding their requirements.

See below for examples of acceptable identification for proving your retiree status:


  • • Any type of mail delivered from the company to recipient
  • • Pension check
  • • Retirement Check
  • • Reproduction of employee badge (issued by Intel)


  • • Recent pay stub; Retiree Plan statement
  • • Company I.D. (valid for retirees who were allowed to keep their employee badge)
  • • W-2
  • • Company healthcare card or Retiree Medical card
  • • Reproduction of employee badge (issued by Intel)


  • • The process requires that you state that you are a retiree of Intel and you submit a copy of your drivers license.

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