Harold Crawford

A Role Model for Volunteering and Helping His Local Community

About three years ago, Intel expanded the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program to include any approved non-profit organization (501-C3). Intel retirees as well as employees may participate.

Organizations are paid at the rate of $10 per volunteer hour up to a maximum of $10,000 per organization per year for all combined volunteer efforts. Harold Crawford knows how to recognize opportunity and make it pay off for his local community.

“I have been an Intel retiree for seven years now and for the last three years I have been submitting my volunteer hours to the program on behalf of the organizations to which I volunteer. My efforts are spent volunteering with the Mollala Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, and the Mazamas.

In 2009 the Mollala Volunteer Firefighter’s Association received a check from Intel for $10,000. “This represented the combined volunteer hours for me and one Intel employee. For the Molalla Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, it was a “really big deal.” The organization is 96% volunteers and the donation doubled the amount of money in their bank account. They are considering using the Intel money for training. Sending volunteers to training programs will upgrade the skills and capabilities of the department and participants can mentor others on the team.”

Left: Chair of the volunteer’s association accepting the check, Center is Garth Hadley, the Intel employee who also volunteers at Molalla Fire, Right is Harold Crawford

Harold also volunteers for the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, a group of nearly 300 volunteers, all dedicated to providing quality rescue and emergency care to climbers and hikers in  seasonal activities on Mt. Hood. “There are several Intel employees and myself, who volunteer on the Mt.

Hood Ski Patrol. Combined volunteer hours have brought the Intel donation to the $10,000 mark for the last several years. The donation goes to their operating budget.
Lastly, I volunteer for the Mazamas, a group founded in 1894 and dedicated to  mountaineering education. They are located in Portland, Oregon and offer over 700 hikes and 350 climbs annually. The Intel donation went to their capital campaign which is paying off a new mountaineering center in Portland.”

If you are volunteering, are you maximizing the value of your efforts? Deadline to submit 2010 volunteer hours is January 15, 2011. Any 2010 hours submitted after that date will not be eligible for the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program. Grant payments will be sent to recipients in Q2 2011. Hours can be submitted online at http://www.intel.com/employee/retiree/VMGP_form.htm.

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