Guidelines for Posting Volunteer Opportunities

Any Intel retiree may request to have a volunteer opportunity posted on the Intel Retiree Organization website.  Opportunities are posted under the Volunteering tab for the appropriate site or can be posted as an announcement if the opportunity is for an upcoming event.
Requirements for posting opportunities are:

1) Opportunity qualifies for an Intel Involved matching grant.

2) The opportunity comes from Intel or from an Intel retiree who supports the opportunity.

3) An Intel or retiree contact is posted for the opportunity.  This person agrees to
answer questions about the opportunity and to help interested retirees engage.  Ideally the person works or volunteers for the organization and personally supports it.

4) The volunteer opportunity fits the skill and interests of Intel retirees.

5) A draft of the posting is provided to the chair of the Volunteer Committee following the general format of the currently posted opportunities.  The chair will suggest any changes and ensure the posting guidelines are followed and will pass the opportunity along to the website committee for posting.

An organization contacting the Intel Retiree Organization requesting posting needs to have an Intel retiree sponsor or be a current Intel employee who is actively backing the organization before we post the opportunity on the website.  The volunteer committee will consider such requests and help find a sponsor if the opportunity meets the requirements and the committee believes it will be of interest to Intel retirees.

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