Exploring Your Creative Side

Retiring gives many of us time to pursue hobbies and/or cultivate our creative or artistic interests.  In our retiree organization, we have photographers, wood carvers and a club dedicated to investing.   Check out some of their stories, or share you own hobbies or art with the rest of the retiree community by filling out the Life After Intel template and sending it to our Communications Committee.


    There are many retirees who have tried their hand at writing. Several have even had their books published. However, it’s probably safe to say that almost all did not have books published prior to beginning their Intel careers. There is one retiree, who was already a successful writer before he picked up his Intel badge in 1983. His name is Walt Triebel. Here is his story.
  • Jim Hunt’s interest in astronomy started relatively early. He had been a science fiction and Star Trek fan from early on and his interest in astronomy grew out of that.
  • Debbie Watson – Starting with a block of wood and ending with a piece of art fascinates and inspires Debbie to tackle new projects.
  • Oregon Investeers Club is making “money” and celebrating what they have learned.
  • John Coutu is a man who wouldn’t miss a photo opportunitySend email to John.

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