Executive Series

Catch up with retired Intel executives in our popular Executive “Life After Intel” Series.  We get a glimpse into what they are doing now, what they do for fun, and whether they’ve pursued other career opportunities.

Check out the stories in this section and, if you are a retired Intel executive, please contact our  Communications Committee to arrange for an interview to share your own post-retirement experiences.


  • There have been a few people at Intel, who because of their product’s or technology’s impact have made their names synonymous with those achievements. Read about “Mr. Chipset”, Ron Smith’s story here.
  • When Youssef El-Mansy retired from Intel in 2004, leaving work that he loved, he had a plan for his retirement that ended up working out to be even better than he thought. Read about his life after Intel here.
  • General Manager and Vice President Sunit Rikhi explores “what’s next” after retiring from his 31-year career at Intel. Sunit can’t wait for his memories to get even better over time. Read more here.
  • Catching up with Will Swope, who retired as Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Corporate Sustainability Group
  • Keeping up with Steve and Jami Nachtsheimread about their busy life after Intel
  • So, you think you knew Tom Dunlap as Intel’s General Counsel?  As our Life After Intel executive interviews continue, read about Tom’s surprising career path.
  • Although Tom Franz retired from Intel in 2007 as Vice President and General Manager of Fab/Sort Manufacturing, he is not even close to retiring from the workforce! Catch up with Tom and read about his second career.
  • Jon Olson retired as Director of Finance in 2005 and talks about what he learned at Intel to help with his “second act” as Chief Finance Officer at Xilinx. Read about his life after Intel.
  • Learn how Tony Sica has moved from a Marketing VP to a gentleman farmer with a love for fixing airplanes, brewing beer, vintage autos and beekeeping.
  • Catch up with Clem Russo  as he describes his two-room, model train hobby, his life in Florida, golf and traveling in his Tiffin diesel pusher motor home.
  • John Johnson retired in 2010 after 29 years with Intel and now spends his time traveling, staying fit and being a board member of a start-up called Glue Networks.
  • Ted Jenkins, Employee #22, shares his Intel history and retirement philosophy
  • Tom Innes retired in Dec. 1998 after 30 years with Intel. He was one of the first Intel employees starting in 1968!
  • Keith Thomson, retired Intel VP – “Performance + Perception = Reputation”. Read about Keith’s fascinating career and his post retirement life.
  • Former Senior Principal Engineer Steve Tolopka retired from Intel Labs at the end of 2010 after nearly three decades with the company. He can’t figure out why on earth people ask him “Are you enjoying retirement?”.
  • Gerry Parker – Executive to World Traveler to Walnut Farmer.

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