Working with Intel to Extend Programs

These benefits are for US official Intel retirees only.

Updated 8/1/2017

The Intel Retiree Organization has an ongoing effort working with Intel to try to extend employee discounts and employee programs to official Intel Retirees.

Here is how the process works:

  1. We receive a request from Intel retirees asking if an employee discount or program is available to official Intel retirees.
  2. IRO meets monthly with our Intel Program Manager, documenting, communicating prioritizing and getting responses to these requests.
  3. The Intel Retiree Organization then informs Intel Retirees through the monthly newsletter, of the responses we receive to our requests. We also update our website with the latest information that we have regarding employee discounts or programs. This allows official Intel retirees to take advantage of the discount/program or know that it isn’t available.

Below is a list of discounts or employee benefits that we are currently working with Intel to extend to official Intel Retirees. The list also identifies current discounts and employee benefits that are now available due to our combined efforts as well as a list of those that we have learned are not available to official Intel Retirees. As of August, 2017 the following is the list of items currently being worked with Intel:

  • Retiree invitations to major site events, such as Intel’s 50th anniversary
  • Hyatt Legal insurance currently available to employees.

Intel Programs or Discounts that Official Retirees now have access to:

  • The Science Center (in Arizona) discount, retirees simply need to show their Intel badge and will receive $2 off general admission tickets for themselves and up to four additional guests, valid through March 31, 2018. (August 16)
  • Intel’s relocation provider, Suddath offers retirees their corporate discount through the Retiree Portal (July 2016)
  • Access to Oregon site employee sales at Adidas, Columbia Sportswear – through presenting employee badge & flyer (June 2016)
  • AT&T discount on wireless service plans through Advantage (June 2016)
  • Sunpower (Solar services) discount through Advantage (June 2016)
  • McAfee virus protection through the Retiree Portal (Discounted June 2014, made free May 2016)
  • Fed Ex employee discount on the Retiree Portal (September 2015)
  • Employee discount for Peak fitness device through the Retiree Portal (through the Employee Purchase Program) (May 2015)
  • Retirees have access to Money Matters blogs through the Retiree Portal (May 2015)
  • The Employee Purchase Program – retirees have access to the same employee program that allows purchase of CPUs, mother boards etc. through the Retiree Portal (January 2015)
  • The Advantage program – this is the same discount program that is available to employees, most items discounted are available to employees and retirees alike (Q1 2015)

The Intel employee discounts that are NOT available to Official Retirees are:

  • All Wireless/cell phone discounts on the Advantage program with the exception of AT&T wireless service. We have asked for employee discount programs to be extended to retirees but vendors are not interested.
  • The Microsoft discount on the Advantage program – The decision was made by Microsoft to consistently administer their policy – which is to extend the discount to employees only.
  • The Audi discount –There is no longer an Audi discount given to employees.
  • GPTW movie/opera/sporting event tickets for use by retirees are not centrally managed and vary by site with multiple owners.
  • Discounted Tri-Met tickets – Process to okay discounted tickets includes manager approval. The program is intended to be used as needed by employees only.
  • Intel travel discounts – This is behind the firewall and not available to retirees. There are many travel discounts on Advantage.
  • The Safari (discount) employee book buying service – The system is set up to bill an employee’s department and they are not able to accept payment from a retiree.
  • Oregon site: Blazer tickets employee presale (discount) – Intel has a contract for this (and they pay for employees and their families) and does not have the budget to extend this to retirees.
  • Oregon site: No Nike sale as they are very restrictive.
  • Santa Clara/Folsom site: Employee Access to the Mountain Hardware sale can’t be extended to retirees, due to Intel’s inability to reliably support this (staffed with volunteers only).

The Intel employee benefits NOT available to Official Retirees are:

  • Access to Intel fitness and health facilities – No insurance coverage for non-workers. In addition, the logistics of signing retirees into Intel buildings is challenging.
  • Retiree Access to Employee Clubs – Building access issue, communicating/coordinating dates of meetings an issue, no central structure for clubs to mandate retiree involvement.
  • Access to Intel attorneys for legal advice for retirees working with non-profits – Intel has eliminated this program
  • Ask Lynda (classes online for employees) – The system is set up to bill an employee’s department and they are not able to accept payment from a retiree.
  • Retiree access to the Intel library to access research tools – This is behind the firewall & can’t be made accessible to retirees
  • The Intel Marketplace –(a craigslist-type online marketplace for employees). This is behind the firewall and not available to Contingent Workforce employees either. It is specifically limited to employees and has strict guidelines on what can be posted.
  • The Chip Loaner program – This is an internal program that distributes non-revenue processors to employees to allow them to build a computer system on their own. It is not a corporate wide program, but instead is owned and administered by each individual site.
  • Tutoring or Homework help for official retiree’s children – the benefit is for blue badge employees only
  • Scholarships for grandchildren of retirees – unless the grandchild is the dependent of the eligible official retiree, this is not a benefit extended

We’ll continue to inform you of our progress. 

If you have any questions, please contact our mailbox,



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