Discount Programs

Updated 11/3/15

The Intel Retiree Organization board receives input from retirees that they would like to take part in some discount or program that employees have access to through the IRO mailbox process. We continue to have an active project of working with Intel to open up as many of these Intel Corporate employee discounts or programs as feasible to retirees. Click here to see a list of discounts or employee benefits that are not available to retirees, and a list of discounts or employee benefits that we are working with Intel on.

Both the Advantage Program and the Retiree Circuit Portal verify your retiree status electronically. There is no requirement for a retiree ID card and none is available.

Click here for the (short list) of vendors that require some kind of physical proof of retiree status.

Below is a summary of current Intel Retiree discounts:

Program Description Secure Login
Advantage Discount Program
Click here to access Advantage Website.
Click here to access information about Advantage.
Website for employee
discounts that are
also available to
retirees. A wide variety
of products are shown
on the website.
This replaced the
Passport program.
Yes, you need
your WWID
(exact match required)
and the default
password ‘savings’ to
register for the
Advantage portal.
The plan is to add discount providers in the future. Although you must be a retiree to access this website, you can grant access to up to 5 friends and family on your account. Some Advantage examples:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Apparel
  • Gyms
  • Car purchases
  • Movie tickets
  • Electronics
  • Apple discounts


_____________________________ _____________ _________________ ______________
 Retiree Circuit Portal
Click here to access the Retiree Circuit Portal.
Click here to access information about the Retiree Circuit Portal.
A website that has
been specially set up
for Intel Retirees by Intel.
It contains 2 main items.
1. Information from Intel
which may be of interest to you.
2. the Employee Purchase
Plan portal. The EPP
allows you to purchase
certain products
directly from Intel,
its subsidiaries and
some partners.
Yes, you need 2 pieces of
information to
initially to
register and
gain access to
the site.  An exact
match is required.
Your exact name
on the Intel
System of
Record and your WWID.
The plan is to add content to this website in the future. Some Informational Items Include: The Money Matters meeting notes, Intel Business (or other) Information from Intel that is shared with employees BUT not confidential to employees. Like ‘Circuit’ but not behind the Intel firewall. Some EPP examples:

  • Basis Peak Sports Monitor
  • Desktop Processors
  • Solid State Drives
  • Software
  • A small number of Tablets
  • 2-in-1 devices
  • etc.
  • The FedEx discount
  • Future (not yet here) – McAfee
  • Future (not yet here) – Intel Store


_____________________________ _____________ _________________ ______________
McAfee Software Discount
Click here to read about the discount available AND send an email to request access to the McAfee purchase website, as well as the discount code
Purchase 3 McAfee security software products at a discount Utilize website to purchase with code provided by IRO mailbox
  • McAfee AntiVirus Plus (McAfee VirusScan Plus 3- User)
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • McAfee Total Protection

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