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Updated March 25, 2015

1.  The Advantage Program
No matter where you call home, you have access to discounts on goods and services you use on a regular basis.  Enjoy access to 30,000+ merchants  in 26+ categories!

The Passport Discount program that was in use in the United States for many years was eliminated in December of 2014. The Advantage program is now the place to go for employee/retiree discounts

Some Advantage Program discounts, such as Microsoft and all wireless/cell phone providers are currently NOT available to Intel Retirees.  If you are having trouble getting a discount, see below for a complete list of discounts that are not available BEFORE emailing this trouble to the IRO mailbox.  IRO keeps this list updated and announces when new discounts become available.

The top 5 advantages of Advantage Program

  • Ease of Use: Cards are not required to receive these discounts.
  • More Options: Enjoy expanded categories for discounts including insurance, services, and an eco-friendly categories
  • Up to 5: Share your great Intel discounts with up to five friends and/or family members
  • WOW!: The ability to earn WOW! points that can be turned into rewards or charitable donations based on your Advantage program usage
  • Stay Local: Adding local vendors to the program is easy with a simple nomination process

To begin using the Advantage program todaysimply register for the Advantage portal with your Intel employee WWID  
Register for the 1st time with:
• Intel Worldwide ID
• Default password: savings
Once you hit “Sign In”, you’ll be prompted to enter a personal email address and change your password. From there, you can log in and begin using your expanded portfolio of discounts immediately either at your desktop or on your mobile device.

If You’ve Forgotten your WWID
Call 1-800-238-0486,  press 1 and then press ‘0’ to reach an agent.  Once connected with an agent you will be asked for information to verify your retiree status and then will be given your WWID. If the hold time is more than 5 minutes, you can follow the process to leave a voicemail and you will be contacted within 1 business day. The voicemail option is only available during the service hours (9 am to 4 pm PST).

Bookmark to join the rest of your coworkers in gaining a competitive Advantage for discount shopping and services.

You can read FAQs about the Advantage Program.

2. Apple Employee Discount Program
An Apple Employee discount program is also available to Intel retirees. While it formerly was a “stand alone” employee purchase program it now is found under the Advantage discount site. (December 2014)

3. McAfee Products Available To Retirees Effective 9/1/2014
Intel retirees are eligible for the McAfee discounts currently available to Intel employees!  There are 3 product discounts available: McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.
Click here for more information on how to purchase the software and cost.

4. Retiree Circuit Portal / Employee Purchase Program
Intel Retirees can access the Employee Purchase Program through the Retiree Circuit Portal.  Once you register and enter the site, you can order the same discounted products that Intel employees are offered. In addition, the Retiree Circuit Portal provides access to Intel news. This IRO website link will guide you through the easy process of registration. The Retiree Circuit Portal is expected to expand its content in the future, which will include more products and more Intel news.

When you register you will be validated as an Intel Retiree through 2 key pieces of information: Your First and Last name (in Intel’s System of Record) and WWID. We have found that many retirees don’t know their exact First and Last Name (in the Intel’s System of Record) and or their WWID and so encounter problems registering. Call the Intel Call Center 800-238-0486 and answer a few security questions to find out your exact First and Last Name (in the Intel’s System of Record) and your WWID. If the Intel Call Center is experiencing long hold times, listen for and use the call back option.

5. See below for a list of discounts or employee benefits that are not available to retirees, and a list of discounts or employee benefits that we are working with Intel on.
We continue to have an active project of opening up other Intel employee discounts or employee benefits to retirees. As of March 2015, the following is the list of items we are working with Intel on:

  • All wireless/cell phone discounts on the Advantage program are currently under review by the Advantage program and the service providers. This means that NO DISCOUNTS are currently available for wireless/cell phone providers through the Advantage program. We will keep you informed of the progress, as we know this is a discount that is important to many retirees.
  • The FedEx discount
  • The Intel Store employee discount
  • In the Intel store they have 49er – Intel labeled items and retirees would like access to buy them. They currently are for employees only.
  • Intel has a new Basis performance monitoring watch out, the Peak, is a retiree discount available ? (We expect the answer on this sometime in Q1 2015)
  • Retiree invitations to major site events/celebrations/fairs by establishing relationships with the major Site Committees
  • Can retirees participate in the discount book purchasing opportunity of Safari, as they did as employees and pay the subscription cost personally?
  • Intel is working with Advantage to expand their restaurant offerings

The Intel employee discounts and benefits that are not available to retirees are:

  • All wireless/cell phone discounts on the Advantage program (see above)
  • The Microsoft discount on the Advantage program – The decision was made by Microsoft to consistently administer their policy – which is to extend the discount to employees only.
  • The Audi discount –There is no longer an Audi discount given to employees.
  • GPTW movie/opera/sporting event tickets for use by retirees are not centrally managed and varies by site with multiple owners. Herding cats comes to mind….
  • Access to Intel fitness and health facilities – no insurance coverage for non-workers. In addition, the logistics of signing retirees into Intel buildings is challenging.
  • Discounted Tri-Met tickets – Process to okay discounted tickets includes manager approval.  The program is intended to be used as needed by employees only.
  • Hyatt Legal Group – not available for retirees
  • Retiree Access to Employee Clubs – Building access issue: who signs the retiree in, communicating/coordinating dates of meetings an issue, no central structure for clubs to mandate retiree involvement.
  • Intel travel discounts – this is behind the firewall and not available to retirees. There are many travel discounts on Advantage.
  • Online access for retirees to IDF – this access doesn’t exist for Intel employees, so it can’t be extended to retirees. The 2014 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was held from September 9 to 11 in San Francisco. Visit the Newsroom on Intel’s website for information on IDF 2014.
  • Access to Intel attorneys for legal advice for retirees working with non profits – Intel has eliminated this program
  • Retiree access to the Intel library to access research tools – This is behind the firewall & can’t be made accessible to retirees

We’ll continue to inform you of our progress. If you have any questions, please contact our mailbox.

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