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All communication to our retirees is via email.
To be sure you stay current with timely retiree news, Intel announcements, and event notices, it is important to sign up for membership. Simply sign yourself up by filling in the boxes to the right.

When you sign up for membership with the IRO, we will create an email address for you. As a new registrant, you will be notified of your new address by email sent to your private email address.  You can expect it to available within 2 weeks of joining IRO. Here are the FAQs as to why we do this and what benefit it is for you.

If you change email addresses, please make sure you notify us. Send this information to our retiree mailbox.

If you change your postal home address, please notify Intel by following these instructions.

If you decide that you want to remove yourself from our list, please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our News Flash emails.

You may also be unsubscribed if your email address becomes inactive; if you opt-out of our mailings or when you (or your email client) flags our mailings as SPAM.

As stated in Section 2 of our Charter document: General Membership
Any former Intel employee who separated from Intel under one of the company’s formal retirement programs is eligible for membership. In the event of the death of the retiree, their surviving spouse or significant other may retain their membership in the Intel Retiree Organization. Any other Intel retirement benefits for spouses and significant others are owned and managed by Intel Corporation.

The benefits of membership in the Intel Retiree Organization are to:
  1. Receive advance email communications about important changes in or about new Intel benefits;
  2. Have an email address that is required for some discounts. Go to this link for more details.
  3. Hold office as the Intel Retiree Organization Bylaws permit (posted at;
  4. Vote on issues brought before the general membership;
  5. Receive invitations from Intel Retiree Organization about local social events with fellow retirees.
  6. Get help navigating the wealth of retiree information, including finding the appropriate Intel contacts.  Send questions to our mailbox (that is monitored daily) to ask questions of retirees who have gone before you.



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