To join a committee, you must be an US official Intel retiree.

Updated 1/4/2018

Intel retirees join together to work on committees or programs of interest to them. The time commitment varies and participation is based on availability. Committees meet independently and the chairperson presents updates to the board on a monthly basis. We are informal, but productive. Retirees have a wealth of skills that make us successful and we learn from each other.

Below is a list of committees that accomplish the goals of your Intel Retiree Organization. If you are interested and would like to join one of the committees, please contact us.

Communications Committee: Debbie Watson , Chairperson
Sharon Bernier
Judy Goodman
Cheryl Pruss
Howard High
Barbara Frank
Ben Manny
Terri Noll
Kathy Powell
Gordon Dolfie
Kathy Beck
Narjala Bhas
Social Events Committee:
Arizona Sharon Bernier
Bay Area Barb FrankValerie KohlCheryl Pruss, Cindy RomeroTonni LeBaron
Folsom Don Littlefield, Chris Shockowitz, Lee Miller
Intel Field Rep Open
International Caspar Helmer
Massachusetts Pam Moschilli, Susan Brindisi
New Mexico Gina Trujillo or Mark Jurkowski
Oregon/Washington Judy Goodman
Health/Benefits Committee: Tom Piete, Chairperson
Ben Manny
Cheryl Pruss
Isaac Levy
Website Committee: Judy Goodman, Chairperson
Doug Adams
Gary DeLeon, Email Verification/Forwards
Dave Doerner
Gerald Elder
Marti Farris
Kea Grilley
Sam Louke
Polly Jennings
Brenda McQuillen
Rick Paulson, Technical Support
Kent Smith, Technical Support
Ross Winters, Technical Support
Newsletter Committee: Terri Noll, Chairperson
Sharon Bernier
Volunteer Committee: Ben Manny, Annette Bachmeier, co-Chairs



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