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Updated 6/9/2017

Read about the history of the Intel Retiree Organization. How it began in 2001 and where we have grown thru 2016.

Summary of the Intel Retiree Organization follows:
Intel retirees from Oregon and Washington were the pioneers who established the first Intel retiree group in 2001.

  • The group was formed after meeting with Intel and the Volunteers of America.
  • The focus was to create an organization that would add value to the community through volunteer work.
  • In November 2008, Intel Corp. accepted our charter and bylawsand we became the official Intel Retiree Organization.
  • Our relationship with Intel as retirees is a unique and valuable partnership, allowing us to work very closely with Intel on achieving our vision and mission.
    • Since we are no longer employees, this has its challenges.  For example, the Intel firewall and access to an Intel building are barriers that we need to accept and work with.
  • But what we have achieved for retirees, for employees thinking about retirement, and our local communities since 2008, speaks to how successful we have been working together.

Since 2008 the number of Intel retirees has increased substantially and the dynamics of the organization have changed.

  • Today there are over 12,500 Intel retirees worldwide, and over 10,800 US Intel retirees.
  • Of our US retirees, over 45% of them have become members of the Intel Retiree Organization.
  • We currently have board members from Arizona, Folsom, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Santa Clara and one of Intel’s international sites, the United Kingdom.
  • Board Officersare elected and serve for a minimum of two years.
  • Other Board members are our Site Coordinators and Committee Chairs who are appointed by the Board.
  • Please feel free to contact your local Board representativeif you have questions or would like to find out more about the group.

Although the initial focus was volunteering, with our expansion to other sites and formal recognition by Intel, we now focus on being a one-stop-shop for Intel retiree information and issue resolution:

  • Via our website and via our mailbox(intelretiree@gmail.com).
  • A monthly email, News Flash, provides important information and updates to all retirees who have become members.
  • You can view our 2017/2018 plans. You can also look back at accomplishments and priorities from 2016.
  • We have committees who work to make our accomplishments happen:
    • Strategic Planning, Communications, Health & Benefits, Website, Volunteer and Site Coordinators.
    • As a volunteer organization, we rely on our members to help with Board and committee participation.
      • If you would like to participate, please send an email to our mailbox(intelretiree@gmail.com), and you will be contacted by our current Board president for next steps.

2016 IRO Survey of Retirees Results Summary

IRO Roles & Responsibilities

IRO Promotion Guidelines

Today, our website and membership are largely US-based. However, we gladly provide support for all retirees, including all Intel entities and communities worldwide.

  • Join our organization here join our organization.
  • Join Facebook here Facebook.
  • Please feel free to use our mailbox(intelretiree@gmail.com) for retirement questions and issues.
  • We invite global retirees to submit stories or articles that may be of interest to the larger Intel retiree community.
  • Retirees around the world enjoy spending time with other Intel retirees.  If you would like to organize social events in your country, please contact Caspar Helmerwho is our International Site Representative.  He can provide the guidance you need to get a group started.

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