Consumer Health Insurance Guide

This online resource provides a good overview of the Healthcare Insurance process in place today. Topic areas covered include the following: Health Insurance Overview, The Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Health Insurance for College Students and Healthcare for the Uninsured.

Some examples of useful information on the website:

  •  Terms are defined – including out-of-pocket maximum, in-network, out-of-network, coinsurance, co-pay etc.
  •  Factors to consider when selecting a healthcare insurance plan
  •  Types of healthcare plans are described (HMO, EPO, PPO etc.)
  •  Links to the websites for the Federal Government’s website for healthcare insurance options (ACA Healthcare Exchanges), a ‘plan finder’ that allows you to search for insurance options outside of the ACA Healthcare Exchanges, and to eHealthInsurance (a national marketplace listing prices for various coverage plans, as well as definitions of important terms and explanations of different health insurance options).

This Guide covers the basics. It is helpful for new retirees, retirees needing to make healthcare insurance decisions, and retirees wanting to control their healthcare insurance costs. It has some shortcomings – it doesn’t cover Medicare, it doesn’t cover supplemental insurance, and it won’t answer every question.

Click here to visit the site.

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