– Intel Involved 2016 Volunteer Hours Final Payout Report Now Available!

– Intel Involved 2016 Volunteer Hours Final Report Now Available!

The fifth and final round of Intel Involved checks for 2016 reported hours were mailed out in December, 2017. The posted payout report lists all previous payouts for 2016 reported hours plus the new ones in round 5.  The first Payout Report for 2017 submitted hours is expected to occur in Q2, 2018.

Please take a look and ensure that your non-profit is listed. These payouts reflect volunteer hours reported by both current employees as well retirees. There are over 2, 500 non-profits listed in roughly alphabetical order. A .pdf search tool is recommended to find a specific non-profit. If this is not supported by your browser, you may be able to download the file and search it using a standalone .pdf reader.

Although no additional payouts are planned for 2016 volunteer hours, if you have any questions about a payout to a specific organization please contact retiree.volunteers@intel.com.  It is important to NOT promise an organization a payout is coming unless the organization is listed in a posted payout report.

If you DO see your non-profit listed and they have NOT received a payout check, please contact retiree.volunteers@intel.com to ensure a check has been issued to the current address/person.  Sometimes non-profits fail to update address or personal changes.  Also checks may get issued to a parent organization and need to pass down the payout to a local group.



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