– Intel Store now available to Intel Retirees

Intel Retirees now have access to the Intel Store and can receive the same discount pricing as employees.

Follow these steps to register for the discount:
– Log in to the Retiree Circuit Portal: retireeportalclick.intel.com using your personal email address
– Under Shopping, click on Intel Store Announcement. This will download a pdf that you need to open.

  • Access https://europe.theintelstore.com/home.asp
  • Enter your @Intelretiree.com email address and create a password
  • You will receive a registration email at your personal email address account. (Remember that any emails sent to your @intelretiree.com email address will be forwarded to your personal email account.) Respond to the email to activate your account (click on Activate Now)
  • Login to the Intel Store and begin shopping!

After registering for the discount and activating your account, you must log into the Retiree Circuit Portal before using your authorized (intelretiree.com) email address and your password for the Intel store.

• You must be an official retiree of Intel to qualify for this discount pricing.
Here is the information to initially log on to the Retiree Circuit Portal.
Here is the information regarding @intelretiree.com email addresses if you have questions.

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