– Retiree CW Pilot Program gets a new Program Manager, changes are occurring

A new project manager has evaluated the Retiree CW pilot program and found two issues which will be remedied that could affect the effectiveness of the program.

  • The first issue: there was confusion within the Kelly OCG recruiters, they did not understand that Intel retirees were to be contacted within 48 hours of submitting their information. Kelly is now clear on the program and has committed to contacting retirees within 48 hours. It turns out that Kelly OCG so misunderstood the program that they had the wrong arm of their organization running the program (it was not implemented on the recruiting side as it should have been).  The recruiting organization is now contacting each of the retirees that are registered to ensure they have all the current information and areas of interest for possible job placement.
  • The second issue: Intel Managers were not specifically made aware of the program. The new program manager has committed to informing Intel Managers of the program (this has not occurred yet).

The pilot project review will occur and IRO will be invited, but these changes are being planned for and made now – as they were obvious shortfalls found by the new project manager. When the pilot review occurs, we will inform you of the results in the Newsflash.

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