– Tool for submitting Matching Gifts to Education is being replaced

Intel has selected a new vendor and system that will manage the donations for the new U.S. based Matching Gifts Program and the existing Matching Gifts to Education Program.  When it launches in Q2, employees and retirees who make a donation will be able to enter the donation details and request a match to eligible organizations. Watch for a notification announcing the system is open and instructions on how to submit a donation.

This new system replaces the historical  Matching Gifts to Education tool which is no longer accepting school donation match requests. If you made a donation and need to submit a match request, please retain your receipt until the new system is available.


1) Do I need to re-submit donation requests made after January 1, 2016 using the old tool?

==> NO Any transactions recorded in the historical tool before it was shut off for 2016 will be moved into the new system. You will not need to resubmit.

2) Will the old tool continue to work for showing historical contributions?

==> YES.   Intel plans to also provide historical .pdf files in the new system.

3) Are there changes coming for submitting hours for the Intel Involved benefit program?

==> NO. At this time there is no change to the Intel Involved program or how to submit volunteer hours.

4) Will the new tool require a retiree to go through the Retiree Circuit Portal?

==> NO.  Tool will not require access to the Retiree Circuit Portal.

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