2016 Retiree Organization (IRO) Survey Results Summary

Updated 6/7/2017

  • Sent 1,000 surveys, had a 25% response rate with a confidence level of 95%
  • 35% of US retirees were in their first 18 months of retirement when the survey was conducted
  • Jobs: 30% of our retirees are working after retirement.
  • IRO is focusing on topics retirees see as important and doing pretty well at it.
    • 11 of 14 attributes we asked about are considered important (at least 2.5 on a 4 point scale).
    • All performance scores are greater than 2.5 points.
  • Feeling part of the Intel Family had the lowest performance score – lots of expectations to be kept in the know about Intel’s business.
  • Information and help navigating all Intel Retirement Benefits for official retirees (healthcare, volunteer matching, etc.) is by far the biggest expectation of IRO’s members.
  • Retirees expect a volunteer group, like IRO, to sponsor social activities.
  • Younger, more recent retirees use more varied types of online communication. Facebook (FB) usage is much higher amongst 2015 / 2016 retirees.
  • Healthcare and information to navigate the first 18 months is more important to the group that retired in 2015 / 2016.
    • The most recent IRO members rate IRO’s performance the lowest in healthcare / information to navigate the first 18 months.
    • Big opportunity – for this group of 2016 retirees and going forward for other new retirees.
  • There are high rates of “haven’t heard about that service” in several areas (IRO Facebook page, IRO mailbox and Intel corporate website)
  • Are there other ways we should be using to help retirees?
    • Some retirees are asking for information and assistance – where IRO thinks help exists.
    • While we will work to make our information easier to find on our website – perhaps other communication methods could be added that would help retirees with questions (Teleconference, Online Forum ?)
  • We need to enlighten retirees about IRO’s Charter; who we are (volunteers)
    • What we provide to retirees
    • What we don’t provide to retirees

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