May 2014 Intel Retiree News Flash

New Retiree?  Visit the IRO website where we have summarized key areas! 

FROM THE BOARD – Barb Frank, President

Another New IRO Volunteer!
We are pleased to announce another new IRO Volunteer, Susan Brindisi, as our new Massachusetts Site Coordinator. Click here for more information on Susan. If you are a MA retiree and want to help her with local events, you can contact Susan through our mailbox.

Opportunity for Intel Retirees Living in Florida
Are you interested in forming a site IRO group for Florida retirees? Terry Vogel and Suzanne Boyd are exploring the possibility of forming such a group and would like to hear from you. Please contact Terry Vogel through our mailbox if this interests you.

HEALTH/BENEFITS – Cheryl Pruss, Chairperson

Want To Save More Money?
IRO and Intel have teamed up to offer Intel US retirees two ways to get discounts! You will continue to have access to the Passport/Vault program and will now have access to the Advantage Program.  For details on both programs, go to this webpage. See the Vault FAQs and Advantage FAQs. More questions? Send them to our mailbox and we will find the answers.

COMMUNICATION – Debbie Watson, Chairperson

Journey of a Lifetime – Seven Months in Iran (Part Two)
Meet Hossein Rojhantalab, an Intel retiree who shares his philosophy for the transition to retirement through this two-part series he wrote that details a seven month road trip through Iran.  Part one was published in the April News Flash.

“Are You Enjoying Retirement?”
Former Senior Principal Engineer Steve Tolopka retired from Intel Labs at the end of 2010 after nearly three decades with the company. He can’t figure out why on earth people ask him “Are you enjoying retirement?” Read about Steve’s Life After Intel.

The Intel Trilogy – The Human Story of Intel’s History Available For Pre-order
Mike Malone has a new book coming titled The Intel Trinity: How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove Built the World’s Most Important Company. The true story of Intel is the human story of the trio of geniuses behind it.

VOLUNTEER – Ben Manny, Chairperson

Project Congo Update
Intel retirees donated 4 Laptops/Netbooks towards Project Congo, a 501c(3) charity supporting medical clinics and educational efforts in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jean McNamara has received them and is preparing to hand deliver them in June.  Jean only needs more small Netbooks.  She will wipe the system clean of data.  If you have a donation or questions, please email Jean through our mailbox.

Retiree Personal “Business” Card Update
Our retiree business card proposal has been received by our Intel contacts.  Next step is to have it reviewed by the international branding group as it contains the Intel logo. We expect a review in May and will continue to provide updates.


ARIZONA – The last of the original Navajo Code Talkers was honored by Intel in Chandler. Read the article here.

Earn a Stipend Through the Noyce Scholars Program
Calling all math and science enthusiasts! Participants receive a $16,500 stipend for the 15-month intensive, online program. Read about the details here.

Encore Fellow Opportunity for August in Chandler

FOLSOM – Intel’s Folsom campus is 30 years old! Join the celebration on May 21. Check out the calendar for updated information.

OREGON – Our annual dinner has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 28 at Embassy Suites in Tigard.  Email invitations will be sent to IRO members in early September.

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