June 2013 Intel Retiree News Flash

FROM THE BOARD – Barb Frank, President

It’s Time to Thank our Volunteers for our Accomplishments over the last 12 months!
1. We simplified our home page to focus on how to join the Intel Retiree Organization and to easily navigate to the information you are looking for. The Facebook icon is now on both our website and our News Flash so you can join Facebook and easily network with other Intel retirees. Thanks to Judy Goodman, Chair of our Website Committee and our website team of: Kea Grilley, Mark Healy, Polly Jenkins, Sam Louke, Elyce Wair and new members Brenda and Everett McQuillen and Jerry Elder. Thanks to John Coutu and Dorothy Erpelding who have retired from the team after many years of service.

2. Our volunteers answered 498 questions from retirees during 2012 daily on different topics, with many questions on Intel retiree benefits. Thanks to our 2012 Mailbox volunteers: Debbie Watson, Barb Frank, Cheryl Pruss, Abigail Scott, Caspar Helmer, Ben Manny and Sharon Bernier.

3. We continued to reach more retirees as our membership grew from 1728 in January 2012 to 1875 in January 2013.  As of June, we are at 1919 with 46% US retirees. Worldwide, there are 5624 retirees. Our Communication team works diligently to make sure our monthly News Flash is relevant and informative.  Thanks to: Debbie Watson, Chair of Communication Committee and her team:  Sharon Bernier, Judy Goodman, Gene Murphy, Ben Manny, Howard High, Abigail Scott, Cheryl Pruss, Gell Gellman, Barb Frank, Randy Williams.

4. We coordinated our annual dinners which were attended by 230 in the fall of 2012, and Intel supported us with money and provided the following excellent speakers:
-Santa Clara-Richard Taylor, Senior VP and Director of Human Resources
-Folsom-Siva Yerramilli, VP, Technology Manufacturing Group, and GM of Design and Technology Services
-Oregon-Mike Green, Integration & Marketing Manager, Executive Leadership Development
-Arizona-Carl Davenport, Director Silicon Ops/Product Development Engineering, Embedded Intel Architecture

5. We sourced and shared multiple stories on healthcare insurance options, the Affordable Care Act and long-term health care. This topic area continues to be a top area of interest for Intel retirees. Thanks to Cheryl Pruss, Chair of Benefits Committee and her team: Tom Piete, Isaac Levy and Ben Manny.

2013 Priorities
• Work with Intel on expanding discounts and Great Place to Work benefits for retirees.
• Continue providing retirees with a single venue for fast, efficient, and accurate answers from Intel via the Intel Retiree Organization mailbox.
• Maintain relevant, timely and up-to-date communications via our Website, News Flash, postcards and by leveraging Intel communications where appropriate.
• Work with Intel on establishing a retiree “identity” via an Intel retiree email address, business cards and/or an identification card.
• Since 2013/2014 is the year of implementation of big changes in the Affordable Care Act, we will keep retirees well-informed about changes to their healthcare insurance options in a timely manner.

HEALTH/BENEFITS COMMITTEE – Cheryl Pruss, Chairperson

Access to Discounts Increased
The Intel Retiree Organization, along with Intel, has been working on a project to give retirees additional access to discounts through the Passport/Vault program and more. This is the first in a series of short articles. Intel retirees now have some increased access to discounts and additional access to discounts planned for the future.  Click here to read more.

Gordon Moore’s Foundation Reduces Hospital Readmissions
As the Affordable Care Act continues its implementation, many retirees are asking how out-of-control healthcare costs are going to be addressed. This article describes an approach that addresses this cost saving issue and provides a hope of progress in lowering costs.

COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE – Debbie Watson, Chairperson

This month we begin our series on how many of Intel’s senior executives are spending their retirement years and hope you enjoy reading about their lives after Intel.

Former Corporate VP, John Johnson, Remains Active in Retirement
John Johnson retired in 2010 after 29 years with Intel and now spends his time traveling, staying fit and being a board member of a start-up called Glue Networks.

Can the Company That Built the Future Survive It?
A recent article published in The Atlantic details the history of Intel through its five CEO’s, the accomplishments of Paul Otellini and what is in store for Intel’s future.

VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE – Ben Manny, Chairperson

New Math Tutoring Opportunity Posted for Portland
Math tutors are needed for a “math camp” being given by Portland Public Schools at Madison High School this summer, Monday through Friday from June 24 to July 26. Materials and algebra “refresher” training will be available for the tutors before the camp starts. For more information and how to sign-up, click here.

Reminder: Oklahoma Tornado Gift Matching Relief Fund Deadline is June 7th
A News Flash email announcement was sent on May 27th providing details on the Intel Foundation gift matching disaster relief fund available to employees and US retirees.


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