2013 Key Accomplishments and 2014 Priorities

1. The website committee implemented web-enabled self-registration so retirees can easily join our organization.   They also created @intelretiree.com email addresses for all retirees who are members of IRO. This email address does three things.

  • Allows retirees to get some additional discounts
  • Enables retirees to receive email at this address that is forwarded automatically to their personal email addresses
  • Use of this email address helps to prove that they are Intel retirees

Thanks to Judy Goodman, Chair of the Website Committee, and our website team of: Gary DeLeon, Kea Grilley, Mark Healy, Polly Jennings, Sam Louke, Brenda and Everett McQuillen and Jerry Elder. Thanks also to Elyce Wair who has retired from the team after many years of service.

2. Our volunteers answered 274 questions from retirees on different topics, with most questions focused on Intel retiree benefits and discounts. Intel defined responsibilities for escalated issues from IRO to additional managers this year which has sped up responses received by retirees. Thanks to our 2013 mailbox volunteers: Debbie Watson, Barb Frank, Cheryl Pruss, Gene Murphy, Caspar Helmer, Ben Manny and Sharon Bernier.

3. We continued to reach more retirees as our membership grew from 1797 in January 2013 to 2363 in January 2014, a growth of 32%.  As of June, IRO has 2613 members. Intel retiree collateral was updated to ensure that retirees are aware of our organization and its benefits.

4. Our Communication team worked diligently to make sure our monthly News Flash is relevant and informative and also implemented a “closed loop” process so that concerns voiced by retirees drive improvements to communications.  An executive Life After Intel series was launched and has been popular.  Early this year, we added a new retiree welcome/orientation to the News Flash and our website.  Thanks to: Debbie Watson, Chair of the Communication Committee and her team:  Sharon Bernier, Judy Goodman, Gene Murphy, Ben Manny, Howard High, Abigail Scott, Cheryl Pruss, Gell Gellman, Barb Frank, Randy Williams, and newest member, Clem Russo.

5. We coordinated our annual fall dinners which were attended by 226 retirees and guests.  Intel supported us with funding and provided the following excellent speakers:
-Santa Clara– Mark Henninger, Director of Investments Relations
-Folsom– Kyle Kaneshiro, Director of Strategic Planning
-Oregon– Mike Green, Executive Talent Management Team
-Arizona– Doug Davis, VP and GM of AZ/FSM

6. We added 7 discounts and launched Intel’s additional discount program called Advantage.  Go here for more information.  We continued to source and share multiple stories on healthcare insurance options, the Affordable Care Act and long-term health care. This topic area continues to be a top area of interest for Intel retirees. Thanks to Cheryl Pruss, Chair of the Benefits Committee and her team: Tom Piete, Isaac Levy and Ben Manny.

7. In February, 2014, we had our first IRO Board officers and Committee chairs face-to-face in Oregon.  We used the time to define our 2014 priorities and have them reviewed with Intel.  Thanks to Intel for supporting our continued efforts to serve the Intel retiree community (Richard Taylor, Devra Johnson, Kevin Fraczek, and Tamara Gutierrez).  Also thanks to our Board officers, Barb Frank, Cheryl Pruss, and Vicki Valens.  Special thanks to Caspar Helmer, who served as our Secretary for many years, and Julie Peterson who retired recently from that position.  Also special thanks to our Volunteer/Intel Foundation committee chair Ben Manny and our News Flash editor Sharon Bernier.

We always have a need on our committees for volunteers.  If you’d like to stay connected or meet new retirees, IRO is a rewarding way to do this!  Drop us an email and we will contact you.

1. Continue to work with Intel on expanding discounts and Great Place to Work benefits for retirees.
2. Continue providing retirees with a single venue for fast, efficient and accurate answers from Intel via the Intel Retiree Organization mailbox, intelretiree@gmail.com.
3. Continue to maintain relevant, timely and up-to-date communications via our website, News Flash, post cards and by leveraging Intel communications where appropriate.
4. Work with Intel on piloting a business update for retirees.
5. Work with Intel on providing business cards for retirees.
6. Pilot a program with the Folsom Site Committee to include retirees in local site activities.
7. Increase the number of retirees participating in the Intel Foundation matching programs.

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