December 2011 Intel Retiree News Flash

From The Board – Barb Frank

Happy Holidays from your Intel Retiree Board! We are taking an end-of-the-year break, publishing a smaller News Flash in December and in January. If you have any Intel retiree issues and/or questions, we will be monitoring our mailbox. You can reach us at our mailbox.

Health/Benefits – Cheryl Pruss

– Apply Now for Intel Scholarship for Retirees’ Children

The Intel Scholarship for Retirees’ children is a competitive scholarship program for students who are pursuing a two-year or four-year degree. You can apply mid-November through mid-January. For more information and an application go here.

– SERMA Reimbursement

The SERMA plan year runs from Jan 1st through December 31st of each year. You can submit claims for premiums incurred during these dates as long as you file your claim after your insurance coverage began and before March 31st of the year following (the “run-out” period) and you were eligible for a SERMA reimbursement when your coverage began. This run-out period provides you extra time to submit your claims. If you don’t submit your claims with complete supporting documentation by March 31st, your claim will not be approved.

You can click here and look at more information about SERMA, and you can go to the My Health Benefits website to check your SERMA balance.

– New Vault Cards will be available in Jan. (correction from last month)

Watch for the information on how to request them in our January News Flash.

– Information on the Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program

Volunteer Committee – Ben Manny

Report Your 2011 Volunteer Hours before January 15

Intel Retirees are full participants in the Intel Involved benefit program. This program contributes $10 for each volunteer hour worked at a qualifying non-profit organization. Hours must be reported by January 15, 2012 to qualify for an Intel Involved matching grant. International volunteering qualifies for the Intel Involved matching grant program for US retirees. Hours are reported using this online form . For complete details on the program see, Intel Involved Matching Grant Program. For more information on reporting hours, see Tips for Reporting Volunteer Hours.

Social Events/Activities

Bay Area: View pictures and read all about the annual dinner held in October.

Folsom: The Winter Dinner Event will be held Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Join us at The Empire Ranch Country Club. Click on our calendar for additional information.


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