October 2011 Intel Retiree News Flash

From The Board – Barb Frank, President

Intel Retiree or Alumni –  Same or Different?
We have gotten these questions from several retirees lately. Is there a difference between the Intel Retiree Organization and the Intel Alumni Network? If I join one group, am I a member of both groups?

These are two separate organizations and while the Intel Retiree Organization partners with the Intel Alumni Network on some activities, we have very different functions and membership requirements. To understand the differences and focus of our two groups, read this article or for a quick summary of the differences, you can view this table.

Health/Benefits – Cheryl Pruss, Chairperson

Open Enrollment
Information explaining IRMP options for all retirees will be mailed the week of October 10 and will be posted on the IRO website.
Caring for Elders
Many retirees are caring for aging parents and this has stimulated them to think about their own care in their later years. We are gathering information, news articles, and FAQs on our website to help retirees educate themselves about this topic. We will highlight specific articles in our future News Flashes.

After the healthcare reform bill passed, some people thought the long-term care provision in this bill as some type of new entitlement covering long term care for all. However, premiums are paid by those who choose to participate in the program. You can read more about this provision here.

Volunteer Committee – Ben Manny, Chairperson

Intel Needs Your Vote
Intel, along with its non-profit partner, Society for Science and the Public, have been selected as finalists for the 2011 Best Partnerships Award given by the Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC). Please support Intel by voting here. Voting ends this month, so vote now. Winning would bring much-needed attention to STEM education and the education programs Intel supports. More information about this award is found at their blog.

Communication Committee – Randy Williams and Howard High, Chairpersons

Sean Maloney – The Man Who Could Not Speak
Sean Maloney was one of the leading candidates to become the next CEO of Intel when a stroke at age 54 took away his ability to speak. Read how Sean, through determination, talent and support, returned to work (now as chairman of Intel China), and found his voice again.

Social Events/Activities

Intel has mailed the fall dinner invitations to retirees in Oregon, Santa Clara and Arizona. Folsom retirees will be receiving their invitation via email. Intel has provided a generous subsidy for this event so all sites have been able to select from an extensive buffet menu. Further details are available on our website.
Arizona: Thursday, October 27 – Grace Inn with Steve Megli, VP, TMG and GM of ATM as our guest speaker.
Oregon: Tuesday, October 25 – Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club
Bay Area: Friday, October 28 – Fiorillo Restaurant, with Jacklyn Sturm, VP, TMG and GM of World Wide Materials as our guest speaker.
Folsom:  Thursday, November 3 – Empire Ranch Golf Club
Massachusetts: Hudson has a luncheon scheduled for Thursday, 10/20 at noon in building HD2 at the Hudson, MA site. Mike Adams, Fab Manager, will host and provide a brief business update. See our calendar for more information.

Additional Information

The Intel Retiree Organization communicates Intel benefits and other important retiree information. Our members also receive timely announcements, News Flashes, and local social event information. If you no longer wish to be a member of our group, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email and you will no longer receive communications from our organization. Please include your name, email address, and site information.

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