July 2011 Intel Retiree News Flash

From The Board – Barb Frank, President and Judy Goodman, Web Chairperson

Great News! Our website is up and running! You should check it out at the same URL, www.intelretiree.com. Our main goals were to have stronger security for the website, include all Intel retiree benefits information in one place on the website, and to make the site easy to use and easy to read. One of the more exciting new pages of information you will find on the site is the Retirement Timeline. This is where all your retiree benefits information are in one place.

We want to thank Intel for supporting this website conversion financially and with the technical support. Now that it is completed, your Intel Retiree Organization website team of volunteers will be maintaining and upgrading the website for you.

Health and Benefits – Cheryl Pruss, Chairperson

We recommend that you visit the Retirement Timeline, under the Intel Benefits tab on our improved website. Here you will find all of the links to all of the information we have from Intel and other sources about your retirement, including websites and phone numbers to help you contact suppliers of services. From topics related to leaving Intel to IRMP/SERMA to discount programs to volunteer matching programs, it’s all here. http://www.intelretiree.com/intel-benefits/retirement-time-line/Volunteer

Activities – Ben Manny, Chairperson

Does Your Non-Profit know about Intel Involved?

A recent question sent to our mailbox asked if volunteer names are sent along with the Intel Involved matching grant checks. Due to privacy and security concerns, Intel does not include the names of the volunteers reporting the hours matched by the grant. Intel does not explain why the organization is receiving the check, but agreed it was a good idea. A good explanation of the program is found at: http://www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/community/matchgrants.htm. Be sure the non-profits you volunteer for know why they received an Intel Involved Matching Grant Program check. While the non-profit may use the check for any purpose, the goal of the Matching Grant is to help the programs and groups where the volunteer work is performed.


Communications – Randy Williams and Howard High, Chairpersons

Intel retirees are a diverse and interesting group. We will have exciting new stories about how retirees are spending their time once our new website is live.

Cheryl Pruss leads us on her adventure trip to Macchu Picu. Part one of her story will leave you wanting more. Read about it at:


Find out how Bob Wasserman has reinvigorated his life and is a published author at http://www.intelretiree.com/one-of-our-own/bob-wasserman/

Looking for some tips on how to travel with others? Check out some great ideas at: http://www.intelretiree.com/travel/traveling-with-others/

Social Events/Activities


This fall, Arizona, Folsom, Santa Clara and Oregon Intel sites will be holding a dinner event for retirees and their guest. Teams have volunteered at each site to plan the event. Look for an August postcard and a formal invitation in September with all the details. Dates, where confirmed, are listed below along with special doings happening at our sites. Future events are listed on our site calendars at www.intelretiree.com.

1. Folsom: The second annual Intel Retiree Dinner event will be scheduled for this fall. Be sure to check the calendar for the date.

The California State Fair is coming to Cal Expo July 14-31. Details at: http://www.bigfun.org.

2. Bay Area: Sunday, July 17th, 2-4pm, Wine and Cheese party at Mike and Pam Barnes home at 1424 Miravalle Ave, Los Altos 94024. Bring your favorite finger-food to share, our hosts will be providing the wine. RSVP by July 10 to Val Kohl, 408-253-1354, valmkohl@gmail.com.

The annual Intel Retiree Dinner is on October 28 at Fiorillo’s – third year in a row!

3. Arizona: We are anticipating our first Intel Retiree Dinner event will be Thursday, October 27, so keep that evening open!

Roosevelt Lake, the oldest man-made reservoir in Arizona (and the least visited) has a marina with watercraft rentals for a carefree summer day. Details at www.rlmaz.com.

4. Oregon: Tuesday, July 12, 1:00 Winery Potluck, Plum Hill Winery, 6505 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston, (503) 359-4706. Bring a dish to share, $5 if you do wine tasting which is refunded if you buy a bottle. (You don’t need to drink to enjoy the beautiful view and friendly companions!)

The annual Intel Retiree Dinner will be held Tuesday, October 25, 5-9pm at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club.


Additional Information

The Intel Retiree Organization is the approved communication channel for Intel benefit updates and other important retiree information. Our members also receive timely announcements, news flashes, and local social event information. If you no longer wish to be a member of our group, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email and you will no longer receive communications from our organization. Please include your name, email address and site information and state.

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