April 2011 Intel Retiree News Flash

The Intel Foundation Matching Funds for the Japan earthquake has been extended to April 8.  We have had a great response from retirees.  So far 113 retirees have donated $35,000. Thank You.  Go to Japan Aid for complete details on the matching funds process.

We continue to receive increased support from Intel.  We met with Richard Taylor on March 17th to give him a summary of our 2010 accomplishments and 2011 Strategic Focus Areas.  Most of the meeting time was spent having a discussion on what Intel’s vision is for their retirees. We think that this vision is critical to have in mind for both IRO and Intel as we create our strategic plans for future improvements for Intel’s retirees and future retirees.

Richard said his vision is that “retirees are a valued part of the Intel family”.  We should feel respected for our contributions, connected and cared for.  He agreed that our top two focus areas for 2011 need to be better management of information flow to Intel’s retiree community and implementation of our new website.  Our new website implementation, scheduled for Q3, will be key in addition to IRO prioritizing content for Intel. We want to make it easier to get the information that retirees (and pre-retirees) need to make good, educated and timely retirement decisions with their former employer/employer.  The Intel Retiree Organization and Intel will be looking over our current plans for 2011 and prioritizing actions to make progress towards the vision this year. We’ll communicate the prioritized plan in future emails from the Intel Retiree Organization Board.

If you are interested in seeing our presentation, you can go see it here  and if you are interested in giving us feedback, please go to our mailbox.

Did you know that Intel is once again listed in the top 100 companies to work for?

Health/Benefits Committee – Cheryl Pruss, VP and ChairPerson

The current situation regarding Healthcare Reform in the U.S. (passed last year) , with states challenging parts of the legislation and the likelihood that the supreme court will  weigh in on some aspect of the legislation this year, is probably clear to most Americans of voting age. Companies too are keenly aware of the uncertainty involved in Healthcare Reform & exactly what changes they will be mandated to make at some future point in time. Until this is resolved, the Intel Retiree Organization Health and Benefit committee will put a higher priority on improving the availability of information to help retirees make good, timely, decisions through the new retiree website this year.  The link below has a great summary of what was passed with Healthcare Reform & the current timeline for implementation:


Volunteer Opportunities – Ben Manny, Chairperson

First I would like to make a minor correction but a major change to the March News Flash which incorrectly stated the 2010 reported hours as dollars instead of hours.  This means that non-profits will receive around $500,000 from reported retiree hours.  While this is an impressive number only 6% of Intel retirees reported any volunteer hours, while 44% of US Intel employees reported volunteer hours.  On the positive side, the average number of hours reported by retirees was 285, while the average reported by employees was 22 hours.  Some other interesting statistics:

1 – Reported total retirees hours has increased over 50% in last two years
2 – Retiree participation rate has increased 20% in last two years, but the number of retirees has also been increasing

The exact dollar figure is hard to determine since the total grants to some of the non-profits exceeded the Intel Foundation limit of $10,000 and other organizations did not have the minimum 20 hours required for a matching grant.   A complete program description is found at www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/community/matchgrants.htm
Organizations should be getting checks by the end of April for 2010 reported hours.
Communications Committee – Elyce Wair, Chairperson

Domestic Violence is Terrifying.  Intel Retiree, Sabiha Siddiqee, is making a difference for women in broken relationships. Read her story.

Grace Moore-Linker changed vocations when she left Intel. She and her husband work full time working with fire fighters.

Tips and Tricks for Travel to England by Howard High

Local Events/Calendars – Sharon Bernier, Board Member

SITE UPDATES:  Wine tasting? Potluck? Hiking? Luncheons?  Be sure to check the calendar to see what is happening near your site.

ARIZONA would like to find a small group of volunteers interested in working with Intel to plan a fall retiree dinner.  Interested?

Contact Sharon Bernier at intc-retireesofaz@cox.net for details.

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